Fruit Trees: Apple, Cherry, Pear, Plum £7 @ Tesco

Fruit Trees: Apple, Cherry, Pear, Plum £7 @ Tesco

LocalFound 20th Feb 2012
Went to tesco yesterday and noticed, they had fruit trees for sale. Trees were about 5 feet tall. The varieties I noticed were Apple, Cherry, Pear, Plum. Didn`t notice the labels as was in a hurry. I thinbk they are bare rooted.
Then when I searched online found it posted on MSE but not here.
People have mentioned that fruit trees are available at ASDA for £ 6 and morrisons for £5 or 6.
I know Aldi had some earlier. but not sure it still arround
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Only £3.99 at Aldi! Last year they sold them at £2.99!
And Lidl is going to sell them at 2 for £7 from this thurs
The ones Tesco are selling are much more mature plants - Lidl's ones are only tiny
Also to note one of Lidl's Cherry trees (Sweet Heldifinger) wont produce any fruit unless it has a pollinator cherry tree close by - a good pollinator is the Tesco / Aldi variety Stella cherry.
Do check the root stock before buying. Stella can get quite large...
Edited by: "wh431" 24th Feb 2012
not dwarfs, tree i read label on suggested full height when grown is around 4metres
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