Fruit Trees - apple/pear/plum/cherry - Netto - £4 - Thursday 25th

Fruit Trees - apple/pear/plum/cherry - Netto - £4 - Thursday 25th

Found 24th Mar 2010
Fruit Trees - apple/pear/plum/cherry

i have bought a few of these over the years - bargain

hint- get sticky strips from poundlland to go round branches - stops bugs getting onto fruit
i had bumper crop from pears/apples last year - pears were massive -

another bargain i found in nettos was

tub of pink cleaner paste - 99p
better than any spray - just done my oven - the stuff is brilliant!!

(note to chesso - fixed my camera!!)


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pink stuff - cleaner 400gms - 99p

Sounds good - I like a big pear.;-)

Hi. If I was only buying one of these, which type of fruit would you recommend for a good harvest etc. Thanks

Hello can anyone tell me how much space these trees need and do they fruit 1st year or next year
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