Fruit & veg offers @ Lidl

Fruit & veg offers @ Lidl

Found 1st Jul 2010
Iceberg Lettuce 39p
Onions 1kg 39p
vine tomatoes 1kg 99p
3mixed peppers 99p
Honeydew melon £1
Nectarines 1kg £1


carefull with fruit and veg from Lidl bought new potatoes and carrots from there yesterday both bags contents partially rotting

Go to Aldi instead. for 69p per pack you can get 6 vine tomatoes, 5 peaches (or nectarines), 3 mixed peppers or one Galia melon. The Lidl onions are good value though.

I buy almost all of my fruit and veg from Aldi & Lidl. None of it's ever been rotten. To be honest, a lot of their stuff seems better quality than the stuff that Tescos & Sainsburys sell (the rocket, the sweet peppers & avocados especially),

Yep i've got onions in my fridge for 3 weeks now from Lidl never had anything fruit or veg that has gone off when used within a reasonable time, good quality stuff although their grapes always look dodgy unless thats just my local Lidl which is pretty usless sometimes :?

Only bought lettuce yesterday for 79p bummer but might have to go for a pair of melons for a quid normally £1.50!
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