Fry's English Delight - £1.69 download, £6.62 CD (& other reduced audiobooks) @ AudioGo

Fry's English Delight - £1.69 download, £6.62 CD (& other reduced audiobooks) @ AudioGo

Found 1st Dec 2011
My first posting here. Hope it's of use and contributes to the bargains I've found through HUKD so far.

AudioGo is "The home of BBC Audiobooks". They have a sale on at the moment with discounts up to 75%, including a Deal of the Day - today being Stephen Fry's work on the English language. There will be a new Deal of the Day for the next 23 days, so keep checking their site for bargains. They also have the AudioGo 2Gb MP3 player at £12.99, if that's of interest to anyone.

The other bargain that caught my eye is Blackadder's Christmas Carol at £1.84 d/l, £4.08 CD.

Other Christmas titles available as downloads or on CD (at various prices) are A Christmas Carol, Hercule Poirot's Christmas, and Old Harry's Game: Christmas Special.

Non-Christmas titles available as both (at various prices) are The Hobbit, The Brightonomicon, The Complete Barchester Chronicles, Doctor Who: The Demon Quest, The Forsyte Saga, and The Carleton Hobbs Sherlock Holmes Further Collection.

There's a good number of other sale titles only available on CD as well.
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This has got to be one of the only sites you can't sort items by price - even the price filters start at £5-£10 which excludes the cheaper stuff! :-)

The Fry title shows as £1.69 / £6.62 though not £1.41 - are you using a code to get that price?
Hmm, very odd. The price has changed since I posted it. Given that they were based on 75% discount for the download and 50% for the CD I really don't understand... but I've amended them now.
Thanks at this price seems well worth a go
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