Fudge Kitchen - Drinking Fudge Gift Set £3.67 @ Amazon ( Add on Item )

Fudge Kitchen - Drinking Fudge Gift Set £3.67 @ Amazon ( Add on Item )

Found 20th Mar
This is an add on item. Lowest price ever.
This luxurious Gift Set contains 6 indulgent Drinking Fudge sachets.
Just snip the corner off the sachet and squeeze the liquid fudge into
warmed milk, then either pop into a microwave or pan to heat up to an
ideal temperature giving you a rich, creamy, devilishly different drink.
Contents: Branded Fudge Kitchen Latte Glass, 6 Drinking Fudge sachets -
Sea Salt Caramel, Mocha Choca Madness, Tangy Chocolate Orange, Moreish
Mint Chocolate, Classic Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel and a bag of mini
Marshmallows ideal for a tasty topping.

  • This luxurious Gift Set contains everything needed to make 6 indulgent Drinking Fudge's

  • This is hot chocolate evolved. Richer, creamier and so much easier than its powdered counterpart.

  • Just snip the sachet, squeeze and stir into hot milk for a decadent drink of unrivaled richness and smoothness.

  • Branded Fudge Kitchen Latte Glass, 6 Drinking Fudge sachets, 6 portions of mini Marshmallows for topping.

  • 6 sachets of drinking fudge

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@amazoncrazy I thought you would have been all over this my friend.
This is sexxxxxxxxy!
Wonder what the sugar content is per drink lol
I have been trying to get into the fudge kitchen for years. Now's my chance!
Heated for the price, but I got this last time it was on offer and wasn't all that impressed with the drinks themselves, though the mallows and drinking glass and overall presentation are lovely no doubt. I found the really thick syrup very hard to mix into cold milk, works better in hot milk but still the taste was a bit weaker than I had hoped for though not unpleasant or anything.

For this price it's absolutely fine but if I had got it at rrp it would have been going back...
Ordered. Thank you 😁
Bargain price, had these bought me 2 Christmas's ago. Good quality product but echo what st3123 says about adding to warm milk. A snip at this price and a free coffee glass if you have a tassimo or similar machine. Heat added.
Thanks OP, can circumvent the minimum £20 spend if you order using alexa, I then changed the address via my laptop so it will ship directly to my friend rather than me
Gone, expire
So whoever puts this into a box at amazon would be a fudge packer?
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