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Unleaded £1.369 Premium Unleaded £1.449 Diesel £1.569 (Members Only) @ Costco Leicester

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Fuel prices at Costco Leicester
Unleaded 136.9
Premium Unleaded 144.9
Diesel 156.9
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    There's a 7p per litre difference in diesel between Sainsbury's Deepdale and Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge. Last night I politely asked staff in Bamber Bridge why. Their response was Sainsbury's compare prices within a 5 mile radius of each petrol station they own. They price match within that 5 miles and only that 5 miles. Their Deepdale store in Preston is just outside that 5 mile radius and using the petrol prices app - which I do - you can clearly see pockets of price matching.

    What we have is the illusion of competition and the reality of collusion. Unfortunately demand for fossil fuel is fairly inelastic and the oil companies know this. Market forces only work to a degree.

    Personally, even driving the round trip of 11 miles would wipe out the saving per litre I'd get by traveling to Deepdale and that's before you add in the value of my own time needed for the extra journey.

    For me posting these types of deals are of interest because I search for prices in my area on the apps not around the country so it's interesting to see how prices vary region to region at a glance.

    Deal is hot for me for no other reason than it's a lot cheaper than where I live. Whilst we all continue to pay, they'll continue to charge. It is about time something was done about "competition" across the whole ground to pump oil supply but then where do you draw the line. A few large companies own lots of supply chain companies under different names, sell to each other and make large profits in countries with low tax levels and declare low profits in countries where tax levels are high.

    The reality is the government has no incentive. They take their cut. It's racketeering in all but name. Welcome to the real world. Move on. (edited)
    £133.9 at Oldham Costco
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    Instead of everyone comparing prices every time this post about Costco fuel gets added. Just download the app, you can see the current price of every Costco in the country
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    Apologies in advance, no bad towards the op either.... I'm a bit fed up with seeing these posted, as this & they are not deals in my view!
    However, it'll get voted hot
    I agree, there are of plenty of means of tracking petrol pump prices, we don't need loads of these deals posted when fuel at your local garage dips for a bit!
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    Hot! But I just can't believe we now accept a 20p difference between petrol Vs diesel
    Can't believe the government rugpull? Didn't see the EV one either?
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    Perfect, by the time I get to Leicester my tank will be completely empty!
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    Perfect plan Sat morning waiting for a 1h queue at the petrol station
    When things were bad outside petrol stations a year or two ago I remember sitting in a queue for nearly three hours without making much progress towards the front, it was then I made a decision which has made life easier and saved me money, you don't have to get the car washed *every* week.
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    Massive que I've been waiting 30 mins crazy
    There goes any saving. Factor in your time as a cost.
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    £155.9 for diesel at Costco Birmingham yesterday.
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    Same prices in Bristol today-apart from premium petrol which is slightly more expensive here.
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    Been this price in southampton since mid December
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    It was £134.9 at Haydock Costco yesterday
    Not anymore
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    The queues are crazy these days unless you go early morning.

    Yesterday Bristol was back on the dual carriageway.

    Not sure how much of it is poor design?

    In Bristol the far right pump is often less busy for example, but you can't get there due to others blocking the way.
    In the case of my local one it's the council refusing to allow other exits entrances for reasons best known to themselves.
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    Yep. I go early morning. Any one know who supplies the prem derv?
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    What get me is the supermarkets are charging 10p ++ a litre more
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    Cheap, especially for diesel.
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    Still 159.9 for diesel at Gateshead been this price for weeks now (edited)
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    The public deserve this, the root of this problem is weak political class captured by big business.
    Could it be the public has become too soft on the dimwits in g'nment....our legacy media is part of the problem too.

    I remember the fuel blockades when fuel went upto £1.24.
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    Pov: you’re filling it to the brim 😏
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    Cartel price fixing but Government and regulators dont want to know Queue at Costcp fuel and food rediculous
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    £1.20 odds back in 2019
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    £1.55.9 Oldham, has been for months
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    Went to Costco the other day just to fill up on cheap fuel.

    Didn't realise their 'premium' is only 97ron
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    £1.72 diesel in bedford.