Fuel for XBox 360 & PS3 now £25 Instore at Asda (plus other recent games at £25)

Fuel for XBox 360 & PS3 now £25 Instore at Asda (plus other recent games at £25)

Found 12th Jun 2009
Spotted in 2 stores (Stockport and Wythenshawe) while I was hunting down the £45 Sanyo camera. Games found within the relevant chart sections for each console with yellow shelf edge labels saying £25. NOT store specific and a markdown of games that have passed their sales peak or are underperforming anyway.

Recent release Fuel for £25 on both consoles, plus the following again on both for £25:
Battlestations Pacific
Call of Duty: World At War
Resident Evil 5
Street Fighter IV

Also, just for the XBox:
Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Sadly, this price didn't apply to Red Faction: Guerilla or Prototype, but maybe after a few weeks...


Damn I paid £30 the other day for Fuel. It's awesome, so well worth the money! But wish I had waited a little longer. Hot!

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Reasons for negative votes? This is the cheapest for Fuel, Damnation or Battlestations Pacific, on or offline.

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OK, fine. I'll be sure to return the favour to the anti-voters and not do you a favour by posting a bargain again.

Meanwhile you've all put a copy of my post up to 65 degrees. :roll:

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Been in 3 Asdas this weekend and the games that were £25 are back to their normal prices, looks like it was an offer for just 3 weeks.
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