Fuel PS3 £9.99 @365Games

Fuel PS3 £9.99 @365Games

Found 1st Nov 2009Made hot 6th Nov 2009
Nice filler present for Christmas for under a tenner!

From the publishers of 'Colin McRae: DiRT' and 'Race Driver: Grid' comes a revolution in multi-terrain racing and featuring the biggest racing environment ever created. Born of Asobo Studios' cutting-edge proprietary engine that has benefited from over four years of development, Fuel will present players with an astonishing no-boundaries playfield that's over 5,000 square miles (14,000+ km�) in size.

With environmental detail inspired by America's most incredible landscapes, Fuel will be the ultimate competitive go-anywhere racing experience. Fuel will have players competing across wildly different terrain from deep snow to open wilderness and arid river-beds, and executing spectacular death-defying stunts as they race and explore this epic world on an unprecedented scale.



Hot - But has anyone used that website before?

Yes, very good, one problem is the game, great idea, great cars...badly done....I dont if they released a patch or update to fix a lot of the problems, hopefully there will be sequel...had soooo much promise

Great idea, poorly executed. The demo is on the PS store. I'd check that out before spending 9.99 on it.

I'm not voting hot or cold on this one.

Its showing as £9.50 now
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