FUEL PS3/XBOX 360 34.99 @SHOPTO -
FUEL PS3/XBOX 360 34.99 @SHOPTO -

FUEL PS3/XBOX 360 34.99 @SHOPTO -

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From the publishers of Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: Grid comes a revolution in multi-terrain racing and featuring the biggest racing environment ever created. Born of Asobo Studios' cutting-edge proprietary engine that has benefited from over four years of development, Fuel will present players with an astonishing no-boundaries playfield that's over 5,000 square miles (14,000+ km²) in size. With environmental detail inspired by America's most incredible landscapes, Fuel will be the ultimate competitive go-anywhere racing experience. Fuel will have players competing across wildly different terrain from deep snow to open wilderness and arid river-beds, and executing spectacular death-defying stunts as they race and explore this epic world on an unprecedented scale.

Normal Cost is 49.99..save some coins


Gran tourismo has all the liscences and has always been the daddy...

to be fair it sounds nothing like Gran Turismo

Original Poster

Point taken... but I really fancy this game ....


Whilst i'm not a big fan of racing games in general this game looks immense size wise...

First things first, FUEL is big, i mean very big, you thought it was a … First things first, FUEL is big, i mean very big, you thought it was a long way down to the shops to get a can of beer and some fags but this is mind achingly big, so big in fact that it will give you the ph33r first time you set your worthless mortal eyes on it. The red zoned area to the right is an accurate scale of map size (i have l33t photoshop skills no?), that's Norfolk, Suffolk AND Cambridgeshire with some overhang left. The small white square is the size of the Midnight Club: Los Angles map + South Central. now do you get the kind of size we're talking about? good.


Taken from threespeech.co.cc/

Wow, cant wait for this game, hope it has online free roam.
Love MX VS ATV, so lets hope this is as good.

I have pre-ordered my copy from gameplay for £32.99 & additional 9% Quidco
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