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free broadband for year with free Fire tv's stick @ fuelbroadband
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Posted 6th Jan 2016Posted 6th Jan 2016
free broadband for year with free Fire tv's stick @ fuelbroadband
free broadband with free fire tv stick voice control one. Offer expires in 29th Feb 2016.

​sky had free fibre for a year


This is a good deal if you need unlimited landline calls


julieallen - might not be the best deal but it might be a good deal, which is what this website is for. If people only posted the best deals there would likely be a lot fewer postings. Anyway, what is a good or the best deal is subjective; what is the best for one person may be pretty awful to someone else. Its £17.30 line rental plus £3 for anytime calls and there may be other charges too - e.g. the router is free but how much is delivery? OP is short on details. I have the SSE deal mentioned above, at £12 a month line rental with w/end calls and broadband and £45 cashback. That's a great deal but not the greatest which was with EE, which, after £136.50 cashback, came out at less than £3 a month for a year!


I've used Fuelbroadband for a year and been very happy. I stream a lot of TV in HD and it works better than when I was with Sky. I also have not been affected when BT broadband outages occured in the neighbourhood.


But this isn't the best deal thats what people have pointed out.

Unlimited Fuel Broadband, FREE evening & weekend calls + Possibility of £50 amazon voucher @ 16.40 per month
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Posted 7th Nov 2015Posted 7th Nov 2015
Unlimited Fuel Broadband, FREE evening & weekend calls + Possibility of £50 amazon voucher @ 16.40 per month£16.40
Unlimited Fuel Broadband FREE evening & weekend UK landline calls for 12 months + £16.40 line rental • Up to 17Mb download speed • FREE wireless router • 12 months contract •… Read more
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Assuming that a line down is your only, or even main, possible fault. Contention and congestion will absolutely vary from ISP to ISP, the biggest issue with internet provision.


​they talk talk all day


Yes I know, the point I am getting to is the infrastructure is provided by BT Wholesale, so this is exactly how it works, the equipment each provider has in the exchanges makes very little difference as most also purchase their equipment from......BT, so if the line goes down, then the line goes down


That's not how it works, providers have their own equipment in the exchanges. If you change from one to the other in most cases there has to be an actual physical change of equipment in the exchange itself. This goes for phone numbers as well as broadband services. Talktalk, sky & others provide their own.


That's not entirely true, LLU doesn't run that way or not in the same fashion. The biggest potential problem with broadband other than specific line issues is backhaul contention, which will differ on LLU providers.

Fuel Broadband, free Fire TV Stick, £25 Amazon gift voucher for you and your friend, £16.40 pm line rental with 6 months free broadband then 6 months @ £5 pm *Please do not post or offer referrals*
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Posted 23rd Jun 2015Posted 23rd Jun 2015
Fuel Broadband, free Fire TV Stick, £25 Amazon gift voucher for you and your friend, £16.40 pm line rental with 6 months free broadband then 6 months @ £5 pm *Please do not post or offer referrals*£226.80
Unlimited Fuel Broadband FREE evening & weekend UK landline calls FREE broadband for 6 months* + £16.40 line rental • FREE broadband for 6 months then £5 /month thereafter* •… Read more
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Sky Broadband £16.40 line rental, free 12 months broadband. £100 M&S E-Voucher £78.75 Topcashback


Ours was £15 a month unlimited. Speed is only 1 Mb per second but I think nothing of downloading a 178 Gig file. Not like Bt who would throttle me for downloading a file that big the git s.


Been with them for 2years... fab company... never a problem and cheapest around. Defo recommended. :)


Just left these after 18 months contract. Can't really complain about there internet as I had no problems. But I have just moved to sky for a better deal.


I've recently received a letter advising of a price increase from 1 July. Line rental to increase by £1.40 pm broadband £1.00 pm. They have recently applied a £50 to my account for no explained reason, so doubtful I would recommend them

Free Broadband for 12 Months + £15 Line Rental & Free Chromecast @ fuelbroadband
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Posted 1st Mar 2015Posted 1st Mar 2015
Free Broadband for 12 Months + £15 Line Rental & Free Chromecast @ fuelbroadband£15
Excellent Value for money. Potential cash back of £32 via Quidco. http://www.fuelbroadband.co.uk/unlimited-broadband - kevlfc
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Good deal, but be careful and check all that's provided against your needs. eg caller display £2.50 per month and 0870 8p per minute..... I'm pretty sure they are free with my provider. Makes a difference to the headline prices ;)


I'd still use origin broadband over these


18 months trouble free 15mb. Call charges cheaper than most rivals.


Not available in all areas unfortunately.


Now 2/3 and the OP's offer has expired, with just 6 months free now with your Chromecast (until 31/3),.

unlimited broadband, unlimited evening and weekend calls, free Chromecast, £36 for 12 months, (£40 cashback) plus £15 line rental @ Fuel Broadband (formerly Primus Saver
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Posted 17th Jan 2015Posted 17th Jan 2015
unlimited broadband, unlimited evening and weekend calls, free Chromecast, £36 for 12 months, (£40 cashback) plus £15 line rental @ Fuel Broadband (formerly Primus Saver£216
with cashback paid its £4 profit plus free Chromecast. • Data allowance: Unlimited (no download limits) • Activation fee: FREE (Worth £20) • Wireless router: FREE† • Evening &… Read more

The services are on the Openreach network, so it's the same telephonr line as BT, Sky, Talk Talk, Plusnet etc. I've been with them since they were known as Primus Saver and I've never experienced any issues with them. Before there use to be quite long call waits but now I'm only waiting 1-2 minutes and then I'm through to someone who actually speaks english properly. It's a major plus over other providers.


"Total monthly cost: £17 /month for 6 months then £19 /month thereafter" equals £216 not £192.


Did you not see the two comments before yours?


Shocking customer service, I moved address, and took them four months to sort, lost the move order, I refused to keep paying and they tried debt collection. Wouldnt touch them with a 100ft barge pole.


I took a chance with this firm and found: *The stability of delivery of the internet is better than plusnet who I have just left. *The change over was smooth with no issues at all. *I do have to reset the router a couple of times a week.

Half Price Broadband at £2 with line rental at £14.50 plus £15 credit (+TCB) @ Primus Saver
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Posted 22nd Feb 2014Posted 22nd Feb 2014
Half Price Broadband at £2 with line rental at £14.50 plus £15 credit (+TCB) @ Primus Saver£16.50
Not really heard much about this company but seems like a very good deal for what you're getting. The broadband is half price for 6 months after which it increases to £4 per month … Read more

Tried to use primus when we moved into a new house and lost cable. After 2 weeks they still hadn't connected us. After several unsuccessful discussions with customer services, went to plusnet and was up and running about 3 hours after submitting the online form! Get what you pay for.


worst company I have ever been with. guaranteed me 14mb/s which is what I was getting with BT but my speeds were more like 2 mb/s with a 0.5 mb/s upload


If money is your main concern, Tesco is your best bet. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/12-month-free-broadband-tesco-just-pay-line-rental-15-40-pm-184-80-over-year-1833568



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40GB broadband and phone (includes free line installation + £15 credit) - Primus - from £11.20 per month
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Posted 15th Jan 2014Posted 15th Jan 2014
40GB broadband and phone (includes free line installation + £15 credit) - Primus - from £11.20 per month£11.20
Hi everyone Primus is currently offering line rental for £13.99 per month with 20GB broadband for £1.20 per month. However if you pay the line rental in advance (£120 for the yea… Read more
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I'm with Primus (saver deal for £6) line only and it's been fine so far. I use PlusNet for my internet and it works great. Cant fault Primus so far as I use them only for the line to provide broadband.


I'm with them and had no or


I've been with them for 3 months now and had no problems at all.


>>>>> Voted +HOT as thought it was 40gbs :-) >>>>> Seriously, cracking price if you stay under the speed limiter per month for your usage!


Rubbish reviews. Cold for me. http://www.broadband.co.uk/broadband/providers/primus/reviews/page:all/

broadband from £1.20 a month at primus (must pay line rental minimum £10 (12 x £10)
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Posted 20th Dec 2013Posted 20th Dec 2013
broadband from £1.20 a month at primus (must pay line rental minimum £10 (12 x £10)£1.20
Primus Broadband £1.20 per month Line Rental £13.99 per month (£10 when paid in advance^) Special Offer Get £15 credit off your first bill Activation Fee FREE Data Allowance 20GB*… Read more
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Woow ...Just Download BruRay movie, 3D game and you will notice how far many could you get with 20 GB. Just one BruRay movie you are already running out of your allowance ..got it ..., Certainly 20Gb is already more than enough for my nan as she is just using it for emailing, browsing, surfing ...


that's who my package is with i got it half price £3.25


20GB!!!! I use that every day....


Data Allowance 20GB** need to be mentioned on the title. you could get unlimited for around £4.00 with TalkTalk


primus= crap..expensive..u cant find out ur usage unless u phone and thats a mission too.... oh n go over ur limit and they shaft u with a huge bill...thankfully sky bailed me out n payed my disconnection from these jokers

£6.99 land line rental ( free weekend and evening calls ) primussaver
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Posted 25th Sep 2013Posted 25th Sep 2013
£6.99 land line rental ( free weekend and evening calls ) primussaver£6.99
This deal has been posted before but its was expired straight away?? No idea why the deal is not posted on their site http://www.primussaver.co.uk/ but I managed to find a strange… Read more
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they wont let me sign up because there is to much fraud where i stay so cold for me


and the facebook comments are in relation to BROADBAND. This is for phone and you can keep your existing broadband. They also do a £5.99 a month deal which excludes free weekends and evenings.


interesting price but unfortunately even more interesting facebook comments ... https://www.facebook.com/PrimusSaver


Have you read the reviews on BT, Sky or Virgin :) And the reviews are for BROADBAND not the phone The only thing that your changing is the payment as its still BT copper.


I've read the reviews for primus and I wouldn't use them.

Primus home phone and broadband (newline £69) £6.99 per month. all in including line rental. via MSE.
Posted 23rd Sep 2013Posted 23rd Sep 2013
Primus home phone and broadband (newline £69) £6.99 per month. all in including line rental. via MSE.£152.88
very good deal if you need newline. 12 months contract too. evening and weekend calls included. this deal is via MSE. it says 7 days to go. Monthly package cost Monthly costFree … Read more
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your cooking on gas there fella ;)


Primus - does it run on paraffin?


Broadband offer is here http://www.primussaver.co.uk/unlimited-broadband.html looks like £16.50 for the 1st 6 mnths the £8.50 after that.


UMMMMMM First line......Home Phone Saver: Package prices are shown inclusive of VAT. An 18 month contract applies on calls package and line rental. No mention of broadband I can see Where do you see otherwise ?

Primus unlimited broadband and linerental with evening and weekend calls
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Posted 13th Sep 2013Posted 13th Sep 2013
Primus unlimited broadband and linerental with evening and weekend calls£10
just spotted this on TCB site. does anyone know if this is a good deal? Broadband = 12 + 48 = £60 for 18 months Linerental pay upfront = £180 for 18 months minus £60 cashback = 1… Read more
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I am seriously considering this offer. Nothing comes close to it for the moment. No activation fees for new line is worth mentioning.


thanks caverncity. seems like the number of satisfied customers is too low. not worth the amount of frustration by the sound.




cant go wrong with talk talk at the moment,mobile sim 300 mins 1gig 3000 texts 3.75 monthly.


talk talk boost, 1000 mins to any mobiles 5QUID a month.

Cheap Broadband Deals, From £8.31 pcm, TalkTalk inc £63 TCB
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Posted 2nd Aug 2013Posted 2nd Aug 2013
Cheap Broadband Deals, From £8.31 pcm, TalkTalk inc £63 TCB£831
Looking around for a good broadband deal for my house, and found this to be the cheapest option after doing a comparison table. Broadband Deal PrimusSaver Calculation Update (Tha… Read more

The information is misleading. I just spoke to them. the minimum contract is 18 months not 12 month. So the last six months you still need to pay Line Rental £14.90 + BB £4 = £18.90. But it is still a good deal. The will need up to 40 working days for them to switch the line


Good on paper but woeful reviews


Full Table of Comparison

Primus Saver Broadband/Phone Package, £11.20 p/m
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Posted 5th May 2013Posted 5th May 2013
Primus Saver Broadband/Phone Package, £11.20 p/m£11.20
This broadband company are fantastic, £10 per month line rental if paid up front or per quarter, direct debit of £1.20 per month. I use this company and the customer service centr… Read more
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Welcome to HUKD Martin Lewis.


me thinks poster works 4 them :-P


They are pretty cheap, but ive had some fairly terrible customer service from them on my pay up front account. They charged the annual fee up front as expected, then have then tried to collect the annual fee again by direct debit on 2 separate monthly bills in the 6 months ive been with them. Unfortunately their billing system is very slow, the bill is dated 1st or 2nd of the month, but you can't access it until the middle of the month. I've spent 4 hours on hold trying to get through to their cs, who then tell you it is too late in the month to correct the bill before the direct debit payment is taken, so they'll have to cancel the direct debit. It then took them several months to apply the credit, during which time they continued to send threatening emails, letters, texts and they also charged me additional monthly fees for not having a direct debit in place, even though they cancelled it and told me not to reinstate it. Most of the errors on my account have now been corrected, but only after about 4 months. Coming from talktalk, I thought cs could get no worse, I was wrong. Lesson learnt: once the 12 months are up I'm going back to plusnet.


Look at the extra charges on the phone package !! £2.50 for Caller Display, they are 'aving a laugh. And they are not the cheapest line rental in the UK as they state, I pay less.


No mention of speeds, data limits, fup, etc? I'll pass, thanks.

Broadband 20GB with Evening & Weekend Calls £1.20 Per Month + £10 Line Rental @ Primus
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Posted 26th Mar 2013Posted 26th Mar 2013
Broadband 20GB with Evening & Weekend Calls £1.20 Per Month + £10 Line Rental @ Primus£11.20
Line Rental is £10 per month when paid in advance otherwise its £13.99 per month, free router and free evening and weekend uk landline calls. ends 31 march
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Worst Internet ever.. Always loosing connection.. Bad service team and also changed our contract from 12month to 12month and when we rang up to say about the connection they weren't bothered! Even when we said we was leaving they was snotty! Do not sign up


signed up with these about year ago - couldn't connect me for 3 1/2 months so cancelled - worth checking over phone once signed up


O2 is slow like turtle.


I get unlimited broadband with o2 and unlimited calls on landline for £16.5

Primus broadband 99p @ Primus
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Posted 7th Jan 2013Posted 7th Jan 2013
Primus broadband 99p @ Primus£0.99
New deals on broadband bundles. 99p for 20gb, 3.99 for 40gb and advance line rental at 9.25 per month, AFAICS free install too Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Like you, I've used Primus for the line rental as it is cheaper than most (all?) and Plus.Net for my ISP (10 years using them at end of March). Didn't know Primus offered a lower cost paying annually, so thanks for that info. I've been happy with Primus and had no problems even when getting things moved (I was with BT at last property from Feb 2010, locked in as the line installation was free, then switched to Primus after 18 months with BT, and then a few months later moved home from Wales to Merseyside). I was considering them for a second line, but MoneySavingExpert.com had a warning about poor CS recently (04.02.2013) so maybe I'll need to put that on the back burner. Moving home with Primus and Plus.Net was very easy, but in my case I already had Three mobile broadband (15 GB/month for about 8 quid) so when I had moved it didn't matter about any delays getting line working and then getting Plus.Net into service. In my experience with Primus CS over those few weeks was fine - I just had to let them know when I had the keys and they got on with getting the line working (moved from Wales on 22.12.2011, stayed in Staffordshire with my sister for Christmas and New Year, and moved into new home on 23.01.2012). Plus.Net (despite being told I would contact them once move had taken place,) were constantly in touch asking about progress - think this is a function of their ticketing system and even if it said somewhere that I would get back to them, my guess is different people each time were seeing ticket opened in December and felt 'best get in touch' and I was almost ready to tell them to 'leave me be' but it might have delayed broadband when I had moved, so said nothing in the weeks they were contacting me... One downside with the increase in popularity at Plus.Net is how long it can take when phoning them. I've been typing this while in the queue (luckily 0800 073 1120) but need to be somewhere for 7:45 so have to hang up and go...


While it sounds like you've had a bad experience, every single time I contacted them I had an answer the same day regardless of weekend or weekday. At one point every time I powered up my Alienware laptop the router would reboot, so I emailed them at 12:30pm on the off-chance they knew what it was, the same day by 5am (while I was still asleep) they had pinpointed the problem existing with some Fujitsu and Alienware/Dell machines and dispatched a replacement Wireless-N router. The two minor times I had a billing issue (which was a result with BT being totally useless and not updating the market area I was in) they updated it within the day.


I remember Primus was recommended by Martin Lewis a few years back. Went with them for my phone calls only and they were ok.Only reason I left was because BT offered me a good deal. Sounds like they've gone downhill now.


I signed up with Plusnet based on the good reviews. But I am regretting now. Have to wait for very long time to get customer service. Wrong billing for the first month and have to chase them several times to agree for the refund.


I have Primus for the phone line because the line rental is dirt cheap and we never use it. It's there simply for the internet. The only time I have needed to call them I was put through to India and the service was terrible. I was thinking of using their internet service but have heard REALLY bad things. There was a rumour that they were actually owned/using the same service as TalkTalk, who in my experience are worse than awful! I already have PlusNet as my IP and they are superb, great customer service. Actually thinking of giving my line rental to them as well, even though it's a little more than Primus (Both do a deal for paying a years line rental in advance which is worth considering). Worth it for the piece of mind.

Primus Saver Broadband for £13.99 a month (incl Line rental from BT) Free Line installation and router and £15 Quidco
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Posted 20th Nov 2012Posted 20th Nov 2012
Primus Saver Broadband for £13.99 a month (incl Line rental from BT) Free Line installation and router and £15 Quidco£13.99
This is my 1st deal so be nice! I've just moved house and this deal popped up with the unknown ISP Primus Saver - I was only looking for the cheapest possible deal for broadband o… Read more

Indeed. My line is with Primus, but broadband is from Plus.Net. It's effectively a BT line, and I'm not paying them for (many) calls - for 01/02/03 I can use 1899.com (dial 1899 before the full number) at 5p per call. Currently you can get line rental at 8.49/month via the link on MoneySavingExpert / HomePhoneChoices (?) but it was below 8 quid when I signed up in 2011 for just phone line, and I kept using them once I had moved home, too. Have not used their broadband, but might consider it as a 'backup' once I can get fibre installed (on another line).


Currently with Eclipse, but soon to be moving. As far as I understand, Primus is not a fully unbundled service (unlike Sky or Talk Talk) so you're free to choose any broadband provider available over the regular BT network to use on top of your line rental.


Which provider have you got?


Not sure where you've got this from - my line rental is with Primus and my broadband is definately not!


Well, unless you live alone you have to factor in all the things people in your house will be doing too.... so:- Iplayer etc maybe 2/3 devices youtube etc 2/3 devices playstation/xbox etc Other PC stuff including downloading updates etc too. Linux distros at approx 700MB per distro skype video and/or voice calls over IP backups over IP Personally speaking even if I lived alone I would need either an unlimited package, or like plusnet have a 60GB limit but free overnight traffic between midnight and 8am.

Primus Broadband £1.20 a month
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Posted 16th Jul 2012Posted 16th Jul 2012
Primus Broadband £1.20 a month£167.88
OK,not the best isp,and only 20GB a month download usage,but if you want cheap broadband and don't do that much downloading,and its only a 12 month contract. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEI… Read more
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good deal


It will always be cheaper paying money upfront no matter what the company,but not everyone has in excess of £100 to spare in one go.I see your point though :)


does 1899.com give you better rates on 0845 and 0870 numbers


Well slap my bass and call me Les... thats a good deal.


Expensive line rental,I think the Plusnet deal is better.Line rental up-front £114 for the year and £3.25/month and £50 back from TCB. Plusnet also allow you to use the likes of 1899.com whereas I don't think Primus do.

Primus Line Rental eve + w/end calls & Broadband £13.99 Total Cost
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Posted 27th Apr 2012Posted 27th Apr 2012
Primus Line Rental eve + w/end calls & Broadband £13.99 Total Cost£13.99
New deal from Primus Might be of use to someone 20GB Data Limit Line rental with Free evening & weekend calls
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Hi scoopy2scoops I pay Primus for my line rental and I'm having an absolute nightmare getting anyone to supply me with broadband. How did you manage to get your problems resolved in the end? Cheers Mal


It's not just getting basic help ( I didn't need that ), it's billing problems they dont seem interested in resolving and simple things like getting your personal details correct. If you remember what NTL and the early days of Virgin Media used to be like, then this bunch are on a par with that.


If you want the cheapest service and would not need to resort to contacting customer service for basic set up help etc., then this might be the deal for you .......... but perhaps after cashback even cheaper deals may be around.




I agree stay well clear. I had a nightmare changing broadband suppliers when I had a primus line. Stick with BT or Virgin,

Primus line rental £8.99 with 2 months free and £30 cashback / works out £6.32 a month after discounts
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Posted 10th Apr 2012Posted 10th Apr 2012
Primus line rental £8.99 with 2 months free and £30 cashback / works out £6.32 a month after discounts£7.99
We're on Virgin Media broadband only so haven't needed a landline the last few years. But recently we've been thinking about getting Sky upstairs as well as down which would requir… Read more
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no, but you do need B/B. it uses your broadband to send calls.


Don't you already need to have a phone line and broadband to get this, defeats the object...


totally agree BT is RUBBISH !!!


Sorry about the mistake in the OP guys. It is infact an 18 month contract and works out at £6.32pm after all discounts. Still marginally cheaper per month than the alternative deal from Home Phone Choice but with a 50% longer minimum term. Does anyone know how long the Home Phone Choice deal has been running for / likely to last? Only that you don't seem to be able to take out a new line with that deal (only port in from another provider) so we'd presumably have to join someone like Post Office home phone for a month first before switching - and hoping the Home Phone Choice deal is still running by then.


OR you can simply go for this at 5.99 a month unlimited calls. it uses your B/B and does not require L/L. http://www.vonage.co.uk/call-plans/

Amazing - Line rental including evening & weekend calls with Primus £8.99 to £6.49 after quidco
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Posted 26th Nov 2011Posted 26th Nov 2011
Amazing - Line rental including evening & weekend calls with Primus £8.99 to £6.49 after quidco£8.99
Line rental including free evening & weekend calls only £6.50 month after quidco. All other providers are currently raising line rental prices. Especially when bts cheapest lin… Read more
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Going to give them a try


How do you go about doing it? I was looking at O2 phone + broadband but again, that would need a BT line.


If you are on VM Cable, then it is not straightforward. Anybody signing up for 18 months with this crowd must need their brains looking at.


How easy is it to switch from VM to Primus?


Beware they are not as cheap as you think. Any additional services are expensive to add on. Frustrating to call as when I was with them it was an Indian call centre.