FUFRIS Funny Monkey £9.99 @ amazon + FREE DELIVERY

FUFRIS Funny Monkey £9.99 @ amazon + FREE DELIVERY

Found 28th Sep 2013
Farting monkey toy all the kids are after!
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I can confirm delivery is free for non prime customers as the girlfriend just ordered...
A monkey that farts?

Childish, immature base level humour. Love it, Ordered one for my daughter! (honest)

Great thank you
Great thank you
Says 2 in stock but won't let you order at checkout x
£15+ now, sad face.
We have one of these and they are great!!!
They sell them in b n m £12 for those who missed this they also have the chicken and the rabbit aswell. We have the monkey n the kids love it even my 10 month old finds if highly amusing x
What's bnm
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