Fuji 512MB XD Memory Card £8.48 Amazon

Fuji 512MB XD Memory Card £8.48 Amazon

Found 14th Dec 2006
Yes people it's another use of the Amazon/Hellmans shuffle!!

I know a fair few of us have just got hold of cheap Fuji 5600 cameras from Argos - the only downside is that they use the rarer and more expensive memory and come with a measly 16MB

However by using the Hellmans code you can get a 512MB Fuji card for £8.48 from Amazon. If you were feeling flush I guess you can spend an extra £7.50 or so and get a 1GB, however I'm a cheapskate with a number of digital cameras to support.

For those who haven't used the code yet, put the card in your basket, put the Hellmans "Your Sandwich made it!" book in your basket.


Set delivery to Super Saver and add one of the following codes:
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HELLMANAMZN5 also worked for me!:thumbsup:
Well spotted, card on its way all for under £9 squids!
FYI: Memory Cards are usually not eligible for "free delivery"... But in this case it works.

I believe that it depends upon the supplier used by Amazon.

Great find!
yep great find thanks, just ordered one, can't wait to try the recipes out:giggle:
Hang on! This is the dreaded card H / M fiasco, this card may well not work in your camera! read the reviews on Amazon first, you may be lucky you may not, ..... read the small print!

Cancelled my order on this basis, at least thats one less Hellmans book!

Olympus C-770 camera
Type H card supports Mpeg 4
Type M does not!
Ordered one today. I paid £18 for a 256mb xD card this time last year so for twice the memory at half the price it's a no-brainer.

The Fuji cameras that may need a firmware upgrade (available from the Fujifilm website) to work with these M & H type xD cards are the FinePix A120,A330,A340 and F710 models though it depends on their serial numbers as to whether they need the upgrade or not. The Fuji cameras that would have problems recording movies using these cards are the FinePix F610, S5000, S7000 and S20 Pro. The only two Fuji cameras that won't work with these cards is the FinePix F700 and FinePix M603.

For compatibility with Olympus cameras, check out the link below

[SIZE=2]Fuji Camera Compatibility Link:[/SIZE]
:santa: Ordered, many thanks jbp. :santa:
Nice spot! The other xd cards were sold by marketplace sellers so didn't qualify for this (I checked yesterdy but must have missed this one ta)
Just wanted to inform everyone who was unsure and lucky enough to pick up one of the "Fuji Finepix s5600" camera's from the recent Argos sale, that it works perfectly with both these H & M type Fujifilm cards.

I haven't had any problems at all with my 1gb card (when I ordered from Amazon I received the slightly faster H type), and even with the camera set to it's highest quality, I am still able to fit over 400 photo's on a single "1 gb" card.

Hope this helps some of you. :thumbsup:
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