Fuji Finepix HS20 Bridge Camera £199.99 with code at Homebase with code

Fuji Finepix HS20 Bridge Camera £199.99 with code at Homebase with code

Found 27th Jan 2012
I added this as a comment to Z11's earlier post for the Nikon L120 but I think it's getting missed. I have the HS10 and these are a cracking series of cameras. Use DISC20 for the price. Nectar points and 5% with Utility Warehouse Cashback Card make this a great deal in my opinion.


Is this different to the hs20exr that sometimes gets posted (fujifilm refurbs)?.


same camera, thats just the full title

Ok thanks, just looked a bit different in the photo's with the refurb having something extra round the lens (dont know the technical term).


As a fellow HS10 owner, respect. Take some heat.

Just hopped over for a mooch. Looks like the HS20 is Out of Stock now ...
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This is a good price for the HS20.
But I just got a refurbished HS10 from FujiFilm.
Love the AA batteries- the Sony battery shop is closed in Mogadishu and the power supply is unreliable.

The HS20 has a lens hood as standard, the HS10 doesn't. Not a problem as you can buy one off Ebay for around £4. (58mm fitting)

Made the stupid mistake of buying the HS20 thinking it would be streets ahead of the HS10 and it isn't but, and it's an expensive but, it does have its pluses and now I can't bring myself to get rid of either !!

I think a more competent and technically minded person than myself would get more out of the HS20 but the HS10 is most definitely better for me if I'm shooting on Auto settings.

The debate will go on and on and probably past the HS30 release date. Needless to say the HS30 will have to prove itself for a good while before I even think about changing !!!

HTH but as for the above deal ? It's a steal at current prices. Heat added !

HUKD Photo Thread. (All welcome)
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I've owned an HS10 for nearly 2 years now and it's a quality bridge camera with an excellent zoom lens. If the HS20 is like the HS10, auto mode is generally fine but as with most cameras it will not achieve the very best photo quality in that mode. Take the time to make sure the firmware is up-to-date in the camera and play with the program mode settings (I usually have the HS10 set to Chrome colour, Fine image quality,dynamic range 200, auto 800 ISO and Sharpness set to hard) and you can get some excellent photos. Macro and low light photos are also very good. My only concern about the HS20 would be the jump to 16 megapixels which, if it uses the same size BSI CMOS sensor as in the HS10, could possibly be a little detrimental to the photo quality rather than an improvement. However, if it lives up the standard of it's older brother, this is a cracking deal..

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"NOT Available In Store - Unavailable for delivery"

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I got one of these on refurb recently - it's very good. Saw one in the window of cashconverters last week for £230!


I'd buy the HS10 next time, but only because I learned from my mistakes.

What mistake did you learn, ie, why the HS10 over the HS20 (I've decided its got to be a Fujifilm HS series camera and am trying to find out which one [10 or 20exr, 30 will be out of my price range] would be best for me, a complete amateur who wants to learn a bit about photography).

Having owned both, I'd say the HS20 is a lot better than the HS10,
particularly in speed of operation - the HS10 is slow at writing to SD card, especially when using RAW.

There isn't a lot of difference in picture quality - their both great (same lens) - so the HS10 is a better bargain if its £50 cheaper !

Having a 30x zoom with a large range (24mm-720mm without changing lenses) means even as a DSLR owner, you'll often use this as a convenient carry around camera.

Mikeerr, I heard the HS10 has the 2x digital zoom and the HS20 does not. Did this make much difference for you it's the only thing the HS20 is missing from the HS10 that I worry a little about).

(btw, losing the will to live on the fuji refurb site for a HS20 to come back in, it's been 2 weeks without any now :-/ )


What's the refurb price down to now? I bought the HS20 because I was sick … What's the refurb price down to now? I bought the HS20 because I was sick of waiting for the HS10 to come back in stock.

It says £198.00, but there are codes to get it down a bit to around £170. I've seen HS10's come in stock but have hung around waiting for a HS20 to come back into stock, to no avail.....yet

There are a few current pics from both the HS10 and HS20 posted on the PHOTO THREAD for those interested.
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Back in stock but DISC20 not working :-(
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