Fuji Finepix s4900 14mp 30x optical zoom, Tesco Direct £99 or less with vouchers and Boost

Fuji Finepix s4900 14mp 30x optical zoom, Tesco Direct £99 or less with vouchers and Boost

Found 29th Jul 2014
Over the last weeks I had been weighing up between the Nikon on offer at Argos and this one.
Both have good user and industry reviews but what swung it for me was that Tesco sent me a "loyal customer" code (TDXR-PYRT don't know if that is unique) that took £15 off, then this also qualifies under the current boost promotion. All in I paid £51 and topcashback is tracking as well.

Otherwise sign up as a new customer and use one of the many £15 off codes.
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great camera for budget and great zoom dont think that you will find better zoom for price heat
Is this a peeping tom camera?
I was looking at tbe s4800 vs sony hv200 vs canon on argos website. all about 100-140.
Fuji came out on top for good image quality and manual controls.
This 4900 for £99 looks intetesting
Looks great but I bet it will eat through AA batteries

Looks great but I bet it will eat through AA batteries

use rechargeable
Thanks had vouchers £51
Cheers OP, with vouchers and the £15 code - £60 Hubbys birthday pressie sorted ...
Yep, great camera for the price and way above numerous bridge cameras from the top brands. Shame about the AA power though.
Great Price!
just bought one with 2 x(£20) double points and £15 code = £4 for 1x Fuji FinePix S4900 Digital Bridge Camera, Black, 14MP, 30x Optical Zoom, 3" LCD Screen sorted for summer holiday unlimited shots!

use rechargeable

used this with eneloop rechargeables AA, lasted 10 days of heavy use...no problem...just get good batteries then there is no issue
Fantastic deal with a £15 off and double up. Very tempted!
I'm not a fan of this type of fujifilm camera. I bought a finefix s1700 3 years ago. I was impressed of the form factor as it really fits my hand and looks like a good bridge camera. However, picture quality is poor. I changed settings (manual, auto etc) but no joy in making a good quality picture. I ended up selling it to ebay. The only thing it was good was getting panoramic shots.
Bought one! £15 off so £84 and had en
Ooops - had enough vouchers to pay in full. Result.
@DominicPTS You win!
I all ready have one of these . It use 4AA batteries. Stick pound shop rechargeable batteries in there and they last for ages .£4 for spares is cheap enough to take with you , but I doubt you will need them.

The lens cap you have to push two outer pieces in , otherwise you wonder why the lens cap wont come off. The strap you initially put on yourself . Check it every time you use the camera as the strap at near max length can work its way down to the stupid plastic loop through clip , and you could find you have suddenly lost the camera. Pics are great. Zoom is great. Sometimes at night in partially lit areas you get better pics with the flash off and just the infra red . Blink detector often says the subject blinked , when they didn,t.
It is not really a bridge camera , but all these designs I do not feel comfortable with the grip to then press the button , I think the grip design could be improved . I would recommend this Camera. I own several other Fuji cameras and I think you cannot go wrong with this make .

Thanks OP - was able to use that code and my vouchers to get my son an active/waterproof style camera.
Just bought one, been wanting a starter camera for a while.

£84 = bargain.

Heat added.
Definitly tempted

use rechargeable

Yep, I have an earlier model and use rechargeable AAs from LIDL (Tronic). Work well and last well, buy as many sets as you need.
Does anyone know the difference between this and the s4800 (£90 at Argos)? I can see that the s4800 has a slightly higher resolution, any other differences?
s4800 does not have a (electronic) viewfinder.

s4800 does not have a (electronic) viewfinder.

Thanks so much, I was just on the verge of ordering the S4800 (as a gift). I'll be buying the S4900 now.
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