Fuji Finepix Z10 FD Digital Camera: £72 inc VAT pixmania

Fuji Finepix Z10 FD Digital Camera: £72 inc VAT pixmania

Found 20th May 2008
Great little camera, 4 colours available at this price (black, green, red, orange).

A quick look around shows most places selling this £95+. The only price I found close was £3 less for refurbs!

Full review at Steve's Digicams here:


"Bottom Line - The Fuji FinePix Z10fd offers a nice combination of style and technology that really appeals to the younger, on the go, generation of photographers. The ultra-compact model is incredibly easy to use, and with the full auto mode, anyone can slide the camera open and start taking nice pictures. There are also several more advanced features for the novice or more creative photographer."

Sample photos here:



It's an ok price, but not that hot. It's currently £79.99 instore @ Currys or you could use the 5% voucher and 3.5% quidco to get it for £73.34 - i.e. an extra £1.34 and you don't have to deal with Pixmania, but you do have to deal with Currys. At least with Currys, if you have a problem you can walk into a store and talk to someone.

you might want to have a search on pixmania reputation.

If you dont mind a foreign import with foreign instructions and dont mind waiting TWO weeks for the time it takes them to refund the money you'll want back because its an import and still dont mind coughing up about seven quid of your own cash to do so... then please... go ahead! But do NOT type in PIXMANIA and COMPLAINTS into Google as you do so!

In other words ... in my opionin - :x steer WELL clear! Thats from personal experience with them .. this month!

nice price

Yep. Good old Pixmania. If it were free I wouldn't order from them.

you know whats funny guys? dixons owns pixmania! though i still agree with you all that dixons is a much better place to buy than pixmania. especially considering the few quid difference

i would recommend the z20 instead.

I just got a pricematch at Dixons for the new Panasonic TZ4, it was £229 in currys, I got a pricematch with 7dayshops price of £159 inc free delivery and a 2gb SD card for £6.99:thumbsup:

great for the fashionistas, i'll stick with my more functional and 'manly' S5700 tho :-D
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