Fujifilm Finepix J10 Digital Camera - Instore at Boots

Fujifilm Finepix J10 Digital Camera - Instore at Boots

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At Fujifilm, we believe that affordability should never mean a compromise on quality, and the new FinePix J10 compact digital camera is no exception. The FinePix J10 boasts 8 megapixels, Fujinon 3x optical zoom and ISO 1600 light sensitivity as well as QVGA movie recording capability.

It's also incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive icon-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), designed to take the guess work out of selecting camera settings.

Available in either Matt Black or Brushed Silver, the FinePix J10 is perfect for families who want a reliable, take-anywhere camera and is suitable for kids and parents alike.

This was instore at Boots, Colton (Leeds). The shop assistant said that most other stores would have this reduced too, as it's 'end of line' stock (or something along those lines). Great little camera.

I also printed out a voucher from the Advantage machines that gave me 300 points off a £30 spend. Add the 148 I got from buying this, it works out as £34.52. The camera is currently £85 on amazon.


I will take a look at my boots tomorrow to see if its reduced was tihnking about buying a new fuji camera, they are so reliable...

nice little camera with nice price tag for little hands to have a go...

In which store?

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Colton, Leeds. I did mention that in the original post..

heat added

Anyone got one of these? Looking for a small easy to use camera for my girlfriend.

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I've been playing with it tonight and, for the price, it's great. The quality of photo is grand and it's nice and light. Dead pleased - I know it's not the best camera but it's certainly worth the money and is less than half the retail price.


Anyone got one of these? Looking for a small easy to use camera for my … Anyone got one of these? Looking for a small easy to use camera for my girlfriend.

Ive got one, had it year

Great daytime / full light photos but the flash is way to strong in poor light/dark and without flash you get massive motion blur. Tip - rest it on something then use timer, you get great poor light photos but limit the iso to 800 max or your photos will be full of noise

even with its faults its worth 40 notes -I may try a little opaque tape across flash to tone it down and its a true pocket size affair

None in Carlisle store first thing this morning.

i have the same camera, paid £59 for it! does the job and plays nice with SDHC cards! tho it has a bad macro mode, for that price u cant really ask for more! upside is that its TINY!

Anywhere near by in Bristol, can't find it in Town Center only J15 are there.

Full price (£78.29) in Leicester City Centre Boots.

voted hot, will have to see if my local [kirkstall] have any in stock

j15 at mine in nw london, unless it was j10 - @ £89
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