Fujifilm Finepix S5700 (Silver) - Jessops Exclusive - Now £123.49 (Was £250)
Fujifilm Finepix S5700 (Silver) - Jessops Exclusive - Now £123.49 (Was £250)

Fujifilm Finepix S5700 (Silver) - Jessops Exclusive - Now £123.49 (Was £250)

The Fuji Finepix S5700 is an advanced camera featuring excellent optics, 7.1 megapixel resolution and ease of use. It gives you as much technical control as you want, while retaining automatic and program modes.

10x Optical Zoom
This specially-designed Fujinon optic gives you a zoom range of 38 mm - 380 mm, or 10 times magnification.

The lens is tuned to give great macro results with a closest focussing range of 1 cm. It's ideal for close-up shots of flowers, insects, coins, jewellery, or anything that needs that extra bit of magnification.


Harry_Potter - Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. Individual items should be posted as "product", so a price shows up in the deal post.

The 10% voucher does not work on this item, it still shows as £129.99, so I'll amend that in your post. EDIT _ "HOTUKDEALS" works for 5% only, so it's £123.49.

I bought one of these from Ebuyer and it's well worth the full price of £200 let alone £123.49 (though I got mine for £116 thanks to the Google Checkout offer in May) - voted hot

Unlike almost all other Fuli cameras, the S5700 uses both & SD memory - so you don't have to buy new memory to use this, but if you do a 2GB SD is under a tenner.
It also uses 4 AA batteries, I'm still on my first set of 2300mAH Rechargeables - and that's after over 200 shots.
The only drawback is no RAW support, but for 99% of people that's not an issue

Don't forget 3% (ex-vat) CASHBACK VIA Quidco

£119 with free p&p at Currys!


£119 with free p&p at Currys!

says £129

Hmm , tempted at this price plus 8% Quidco .


says £129

I can't find it on the Currys site


http://www.currys.co.uk/martprd/store/[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdladdlhekihelcflgceggdhhmdgml.0&page=SimpleSearchProducts&low_bound=0&up_bound=0&criterion=S5700%20&AtimeStamp=3362397668


I am thinking about taking the plunge here.
I currently use an "Olympus C-5050"
would this "Fuji Finepix S5700" be an improvement
I am not to knowlegable on cameras !!

Can't find it for £119 on currys? or where 8% Quidco comes in - any help please?


Can't find it for £119 on currys? or where 8% Quidco comes in - any help … Can't find it for £119 on currys? or where 8% Quidco comes in - any help please?thanks

It seems to be £129 @ Currys, from the link posted above. See the links in my signature for quidco help.

Spooky - its just been advertised on TV at Currys for £129 - it must be a sign! :giggle:

Can only see quidco at 3.5% though

Perhaps the 8% cashback is coming from an egg card cashback offer or something?

Quidco link to Jessops is 3% plus an additional 5% off if you use QUIDCOFIVE in the codes box


thank you.

If you're looking for reviews, seems to also go by name S700. Looks like a nice one to upgrade to from my compact without spending too much.

Where can you get 2gb SD for under a tenner? I just bought one of these from Amazon for £123.80. I'm new to the camera arena, whats the difference between and SD - which is better? Also, if I get SD can I get mini SD or should it be the 'regular'(?) sized one?

SD is better as its more standard and alot cheaper than

Amazon sell a 2gb for £9.99


I got fed up with keeping up with the latest Fuji available. A new one must be released every three months! I'm happy with my S5600 and i'll stick with that. It has the same 10x optical and produces good macro shots. It also takes AAs which is a big plus for me.
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