Fujitsu Siemens Eco100 Dual Core PD 3.0GHz 1GB 160 SATA £196.66 after 3% QC + Free delivery this W/E

Fujitsu Siemens Eco100 Dual Core PD 3.0GHz 1GB 160 SATA £196.66 after 3% QC + Free delivery this W/E

Found 17th Nov 2007
Nice deal from Dabs. You get a 3% cash back from Quidco with free delivery this weekend only and 1 year onsite warranty. On top of that the computer is a dual core Pentium D 3GHz, 1GB memory and 160GB. The only thing missing is an Operating system. Plus that's a well recognised brand.

PRIMERGY Econel servers are the best choice when funds are limited but server availability, performance, and uncomplicated operation are important. PRIMERGY Econel only uses "server-certified components" developed for round-the-clock operation, thus providing lower running costs than with a PC - and all that at a price level rivaling that of a PC! In addition, a server must ensure that only the right data is delivered to your client network. PRIMERGY Econel servers ensure data security through ECC memory protection and integrated RAID disk mirroring. With its particularly small noise it can be set up also in offices in the nearness of workplaces.PRIMERGY Econel 100 provides a platform for those who demand a powerful mono socket server of the latest generation combined with reliable data security features.

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For those that are considering this, a couple of things to note.

It is designated as a SERVER, but some may want to use it as a desktop.

But note there is no audio (may not even be built into the motherboard) so you may need to add a sound card.

Also there is a DVD/ROM drive but by the look of it no ability to write CDs or DVDs (which is not normally required on a server)

Also, see the list of certified operating systems - it is only the SERVER versions of Windows.

I am not saying XP or Vista will not work, but you may have trouble getting drivers and so on.

Just be aware.
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