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Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 700C Disc Centerlock Wheelset - £99.99 / £109.98 delivered @ Planet X

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A cheap set of wheels. I've been using these on my gravel bike. Tubeless compatible.

More info from fulcrumwheels.com/en/…900
Planet X More details at Planet X
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    I have these wheels on my commute bike and there pretty bomb proof. No problems so far and there over a year and a half old.
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    Quite heavy but I dare say also tough as old boots!

    I've had a fair few products from Planet X over the years and although maybe not the most refined or trendy brands they are always excellent value and work really well. Love or hate their products it's hard to deny their value for money. These rims will probably be great with some chunky tyres on for some reliable training wheels to ride on any terrain over the winter period.

    Disclaimer: I've not ridden these wheels but just going off experience with other products from Planet X
    I've been riding off road on them with a tubeless setup. Absolutely fine rims for the price.
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    What is tubeless like compared to riding with air tubes. A lot less smooth ride & bumpy?
    Bugger all, and a pain if you get a flat. I've tried to get into tubeless twice and just went back to tubes. Plus, tyres on road bikes are few and far between and expensive.
    This is obviously my experience, others will probably have positives to share. (edited)