Full Carbon Fibre bike with branded components for £399.99  @ Argos

Full Carbon Fibre bike with branded components for £399.99 @ Argos

Found 16th Jul 2014
Ok I can already see you hovering over the COLD button, but let me explain why I think this is a good deal.

1.It's a full carbon framed bike for under £400!
2. Frame is made by liyang who have been making frames since 1968 and also make Mekk bikes
3. Weighs in at a respectable 9kg
4. Branded components..ok not top of the range , but shimano , kenda etc.
5. excellent reviews
6. This was actually showing at £1300 on amazon a year ago, but has been £799 and £599 genuinely.
7. Argos , good availability and locality for pick up

So you are getting a carbon frame from a known manufacturer with ok branded components.

Now I know the BSO brigade will chuckle at the non cycling expert descriptions on Argos with things like "rigid suspension" etc. Oh and the sizing doesn't make sense, a 22" frame would never fit a 24" inside leg, more like 30" - 33".But the cheapest carbon alternative is about £800 at the moment so you pays your money.....


Seems good to me great bike to add components to

looks good. i had shimano sora components on my old bike, never let me down! just check the wheel bearings etc are OK before riding as cheap bikes often skimp on grease!

it does sound like a good deal just wish I could afford it
heat added

heat added cos of all ur research n hard work explanin op

I had a look at one of these in a clearance bargains shop, bottom bracket flexes all over the shop, stay well clear.

Good aluminium frame > cheap carbon fibre frame.

Good wheels, components, reasonable finishing kit, but the frame is such a let down.
Not a bad deal, but at this price, spend less on a better aluminium bike, or jump up to a decent carbon for a couple hundred more...
No vote from me.

Its cheap and not too bad components,but honestly for this money would be much better off with a decent alu bike,not voting either as its not a bad deal,just my opinion


... liyang who have been making frames since 1968 ..

It's taking them a long time


Good aluminium frame > cheap carbon fibre frame.

this is so true. there are different grades of carbon as well as frame design that affects them, some flex and wobble really bad.

You can actually get it cheaper by another £100 at their bargain crazy outlets
if you dont mind a few scratches on the frame ..just saying!

my aluminium road bike weighs less than this ....

Do Claude Butler do carbon bikes?

At this price you get more for your money with Aluminium, the most important part of the set up is the frame and I wouldn't have any confidence in this.

Save yourself a couple of hundred quid and get a Aluminium frame set up with roughly the same component level from a decent brand.
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