Full Carbon road bike disc brakes Eastway Zener D3 £750 @ Wiggle

Full Carbon road bike disc brakes Eastway Zener D3 £750 @ Wiggle

Found 2nd Sep 2016
Full carbon road bike with Tiagra gears, shimano wheels and discs brakes.

The Eastway Emitter R4 won best buy under £1000, very similar but without disc brakes. The Zener I think will be a little less full on so probably a better bet unless racing is your thing.


I need a new bike, some c*** stole mine.


im on the hunt for a bike under a grand. all the ones i like the look of tho are like 2.5k+ lol.

Will this get Chubs around the Nurburgring in 30 minutes ?

It's actually a pretty decent spec for the money. Even has a Fizik saddle. 9.2kg isn't light for a full carbon bike but given Tiagra/discs it is understandable. This would make an ideal first roadbike/commuter/winter all rounder. And for those who say £750 is too much for a first bike, better pay a little more for a bike which will then not need to be "replaced/upgraded" than to do what I did & buy a £450 bike prior to getting hooked.

if you ride a bike every day 7+ miles, a £200 wiĺl not do it. get yourself a £600+ bike. it will make the journey a lot easier and less stress on your body while still working your muscles and keeping you fit
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