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Posted 20 December 2022

Full fibre 500Mb & 900mb broadband + £125 choice of Voucher + £43 TCB - £32pm / 24m = £768 (£25pm effective cost) @ Giftcloud / Vodafone

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Back again with same value voucher - 500Mb and 910Mb both on offer at £32pm with £125 choice of voucher
Choose from Tesco / Sainsburys / amazon / M&S
Good deal if you are in the area where this is available.
Up to £3pm less if you are Vodafone mobile customer

Giftcloud More details at Giftcloud

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    Vodafone - Cityfibre 900mb customer here and the service has been great. If you end up using the Vodafone-provided router don't expect to get the full 900mb over WiFi. it maxes out at 500-600mb, which is already extremely fast. If you're set on getting the fastest speeds possible you want to get the Pro package with the new WiFi 6E router.
    My experience has been the complete opposite, upgraded my package nearly 2 weeks ago to 900mb and my connection caps out at around 270mb. countless phone calls, router restarts, speed tests, still no luck. Hopefully theyll go to Openreach as its clearly a line issue.
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    Shell Broadband have some ok deals for openreach areas forb900mb. 100 voucher and TCB. Only downside is the engineer availability which isn't until later Jan.
    Shell as well as most ISPs will be dependent upon Openreach or Cityfibre engineer availability to progress install.

    The only significant exception I know of is Sky who use their own staff for the internal install (Openreach do the external stuff) - they are being cross trained and reskilled from doing dish installs.
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    Cityfibre areas only. Openreach is £35pm for 500mb and £40pm for 900mb
    Not so, my address fails cityfibre check but I had 500mb Vodafone installed yesterday. I'm in a small town.
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    My current contract doesn't end until the 24th of January. Can I order this now and arrange the set up for later?
    Just book the install date at the back end of Jan.
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    For me showing £35 and £4049098180-XjgvN.jpg
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    I think you need to be in a city fibre area to get the offer
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    When I did a similar deal I never got the gift card and it took over an hour to get through to someone there, was a couple of years ago but I do hope the CS has improved since then.
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    i'm eligible in my area but have no guaranteed upload speed when selecting plan? have seen videos of people getting a few mb on speed tests so don't want to be in the same boat
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    It seems the deal for both 500 and 900 mb is gone .
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    How do you get the TCB if we go through Giftcloud? Is it just a matter of registering our email on GiftCloud and then going to Vodafone via TCB?

    So I realized you guys were going to USwitch through TopCashBack and then getting the Vodafone deal. The gift card offer is currently £120 so I hope it tracked okay and if TCB tracks the USwitch click hopefully that's another £50. Great deal, thank you. (edited)
    Say what? Could you elaborate please ?
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    Went for this yesterday and already got the £43 cashback pending on my account. Got a email for the £125 voucher! All seems well
    When is your installation booked for? Mine is for the 26th of January so maybe that's why neither the cashback nor the voucher has tracked yet
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