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Full fibre 500Mb & 900mb broadband + £125 choice of Voucher + £43 TCB - £32pm / 24m = £768 (£25pm effective cost) @ Giftcloud / Vodafone

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Currently 500Mb and 900Mb both on offer at £32pm with £125 choice of voucher
Choose from Tesco / Sainsburys / amazon / M&S
Good deal if you are in the area where this is available.
Upto £3pm less if you are Vodafone mobile customer

Giftcloud More details at Giftcloud

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    I did one of these offers. Still trying to claim the £75 gift card 8 months later (given up now) and the cashback didn't track and the manual claim was rejected by TCB. Massive shame.
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    For anyone considering Voda for their FTTP provider, its worth taking note of this 35 page thread on the voda forums: forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/…240

    They're performing upgrades on their network which means you may be routed imperfectly around the country, resulting in high latency. The service is otherwise perfectly stable, and the speeds are always consistent, but your ping times may be at least 20-30ms just as the first hop into the voda network. This results in a ping of 40+ms to even a UK game server, for instance. Which is "fine", but previously, it would sit closer to 10ms.

    Just so any potential customers know the situation before you decide to sign up so you can make a decision on if this is acceptable if you're affected
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    We recently joined Vodafone Full Fibre 100Mb broadband with one of these deals for £25 a month. A few days after our service went live we received an offer for 900Mb for £30 a month, so upgraded. Been really happy with the service so far. There was one night it went off, around 7pm they said it was an issue at the local cabinet and they'd get an engineer out. Credited £10 and it was fixed by the next morning.

    Edit: Should add, was booked in with recently upgraded locally CityFibre, they came, put new cable from the street and did an excellent job. (edited)
    Did you need two power sockets?
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    My parents recently got Vodafone 900mb and speed is great however, the hub doesn't allow you to split 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies so beware, if you are hoping to connect any smart plugs bulbs etc to it that require 2.4ghz, not sure if the router allows modem only mode to allow the use of an alternative router as a possible solution to this issue. (edited)
    You don’t need to use their router, you connect your mesh/new router straight into the modem they installed in the wall.

    You need to ask for the username/password from Vodafone over live chat and on your router you tag vlan 911 (cityfibre) and the user/pass they gave you (edited)
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    I’m with them on their so-called 500 fibre. Never get more than 200 speed. Wifi signal is woeful. I’ve got 3 boosters in my semi detached house to try to make it better. Customer service is non-existent. I have the pro service and have waited endlessly to talk to an ‘Xpert’ that they advertised that you get ‘put straight through with no waiting’ can’t wait til I can move but only one year in on two year contract
    I had the same problem, spoke to customer service ask them to raise it with customer relation and they waive the cancellation charges.
    My problem is now who to go with, im trying to get pro 2 from vodafone or VM 1gb?
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    Coming up as £40 a month for 900 MB for me
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    Guess price depends on your postcode area? Coming up as £40 for me.
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    From my own experience, Vodafone broadband through CityFibre has been flawless. The ISP-supplied router is acceptable if you're in a small to medium-sized flat. I'm on the 900 MB package and the max speed I get to my devices through WiFi is around 600 MB, I'd be able to get the 900 MB speed if I connect through ethernet.

    For those wanting the full speed of 900 MB, Vodafone has a new router with its Pro II package. The specs show it as having WiFi 6E which would deliver max speeds over wireless connections. 900 MB does feel a bit overkill unless you upload massive Youtube videos and/or stream multiple devices at UHD.
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    Bear in mind that Vodafone will increase your monthly charge at least twice during your contract. It’s in the small print. (edited)
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    This was £30 per month during Black Friday with voucher and cashback.
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    So tempted to sign up for this but getting really put off by ridiculously high inflation linked price hikes - this will have 2 of those and could end up being much worse then what the current effective cost is likely to be. I just joined sky and was considering moving to Vodafone and called them to cancel within a week. They offered 18 month contract for £24 a month and no price hike either + £75 Credit - 150mbps package. Its not great in terms of the speed but cant really fault at that price!
    I’ve just joined Sky and today is my activation date but I’ve not received my equipment yet. They are blaming Royal Mail and Royal Mail blaming Sky.

    The system doesn’t give them an option to send me a new one so I’ve asked emailed the CEO in the hope that someone picks it up and deals with the issue.

    Did you cancel or threatened to cancel to get a discount. I’m tempted to do it because if everything that has happened.

    Also as I have FTTP, I can’t find any old Sky router from FB or Gumtree that would work.
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    I assume this is only cityfibre areas that can gwt this price (edited)
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    Just so you’re aware Vodafone customer service is absolutely shockingly bad.
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    Avoid like the plague.

    I got stuck with there broadband that kept stalling, where web pages would freeze for several seconds if not longer. Spent hours and hours with customer service, so called text experts and eventually the complaints department, and it or nothing else regarding the matter got resolved. Got a notebook with page after page of times I called them. Makes me shudder when I think about the experience. Eventually left when my contract ran out.
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    Be aware that, if you don’t already have the fibre connection installed, Openreach are taking about 30-40 days from order to connection.

    They come in two visits. First is to put the wire to the property and the second is to install it in the house. Both visits have been delayed for me.

    They even moved mine back 11 days stating there was an “installation delay”, just after the engineers had finished running the cable to the house… (edited)
    Mine was only a couple of weeks wait and he ran it up and installed same day. Fella tracked mud all through the house tho - mrs was livid
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    just gone from 100 to 500 but if it's the same price might see if i can make the jump to 900 as well.

    the supplied hub/router is utter junk though. signal throughout our house was far superior on our old BT Home Hub which unfortunately can't be used with the vodafone line.
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    According to BIDB, CityFibre is live in my area but Vodafone website only seems to offer max speeds of 200Mbps.
    Same for me on openreach. Seems voda have massive capacity issues.
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    Good effective price, taking the voucher into consideration, for fast Vodafone broadband ♨️
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    Fibre. I wish...
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    Vodafone didn't accept my email address (I was a customer of them before) so I had to use another email to sign up. Does anyone know if giftcloud accepts that 9r should I try to cancel it and order again?
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    How do you ensure you click thru TCB.

    The link takes you to gift cloud
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    First thing you should do when you take this offer is throw out Voda router and plug your own one. Supplied one is utter junk. Far worse than standard sky one. Look up online for 'own router Vodafone fttp' as it is not just plug and play. Voda router drops wifi signal while in the same room with router. It's so bad they should be ashamed... (edited)
    Is it the same router for lesser services like 60-80mb
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    Big roll out of ftp. Hopefully it will drive prices down
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    How do I get TCB on this deal? If I go into the TCB website then search for Vodafone it doesn't take me to the same page as the link above...
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    Can anyone explain why I keep getting this screen on my phone and laptop, regardless of which browser I use? Is there any way to fix it? I really want to get this before the offer expires today.
    Yeah Vodafone website/ordering process really is not great. Had similar problems last year when I tried ordering business broadband (because they were the cheapest compared to all others), all the details were correct but just can't complete order, ended up having to order over the phone.
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    How do you get the £43 TCB as well if you need to click on the giftcloud email link?
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