Full Metal Challenge - £1.96 delivered

Full Metal Challenge - £1.96 delivered

Found 10th Nov 2007
Next best price is nearly £5, might make an idea stocking filler.

DVD Description:

Battle is about to commence between the worlds leanest and meanest fighting machines. Twenty seven teams from India to Iceland and China to Chile are given one month and £2000/$3000 to build their supreme dream machine. These monster machines have to be capable of incredible feats of endurance and speed, as they must outsmart and out-manouvre their competition who are hungry for victory. The location is a disused power station in the south of England which will be completely transformed to house a series of hair-raising circuits designed to push man and machine to their absolute limit. The contest is both a battle of wits and engineering wizardry as teams from five continents compete for the title of Full Metal Challenge World Champion.

DVD Special Features:

Interactive games - presented using a multi-camera angle feature on your DVD player, enabling you to see first hand what the drivers are experiencing during a game. Games include sinking or swimming in Wetropolis, car-sized pinball in Bumper Cars, territorial conquest in King of the Hill and vehicle-wrestling in Sumo

Interactive features - watch the DVD in interactive mode and click into team links whilst watching FMC. This allows you to watch mini documentaries on the teams and how they made their vehicles

Tour of the set - Greg Bryant, Chief Engineer on FMC takes you around the set, looking at each of the games and how they were built

Interviews with presenters: the unstoppable actor/comedian Henry Rollins and Junkyard Wars and Scrapheap Challenge presenter, Cathy Rogers

Interviews with FMC director, Julia Knowles & chief rigger, Wes Moore


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I watched this when it was on telly. Rubbish. Good price though!
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