Full Metal Panic - Complete 7 DVD Collection only £14.98 delivered @ Amazon!

Full Metal Panic - Complete 7 DVD Collection only £14.98 delivered @ Amazon!

Found 31st Mar 2008
Seems a bit of a bargain, next best over £46!
On the surface, Kaname Chidori appears to be a normal, popular high school student. The problem is, she doesn't realize just how popular she is. Unbeknownst to her, a group of terrorists believe she possesses the special powers of "the Whispered," and they're out to kidnap her. Enter Sousuke Sagara, a young, hotshot agent from the stealthy anti-terrorist organization Mithril. Will he be able to protect Kaname without her finding out what's really going on? Or will he just drive her crazy as he tries to fit in as her awkward, gung-ho, war-crazed classmate?

Kaname Chidori is a seemingly normal high school student and one of the most popular girls in her class. But when she is suspected of possessing the superpowers of an elite group known as 'The Whispered', the teen is targeted by a terrorist organisation bent on using her skills for their own nefarious purposes. In order to protect Kaname, an anti-terror syndicate known as Mithril sends in a military specialist named Sousuke Sagara to act as the teen's secret bodyguard. But Sousuke soon discovers that trying to fit in with the popular crowd is more difficult than anything the terrorists could throw his way, especially with his gung-ho military training and total lack of socialisation skills jeopardising his mission at every turn. Directed by Kouichi Chigara and produced by GONZO Digimation, the anime series FULL METAL PANIC! chronicles Kaname and Sousuke's awkward friendship with equal parts action, comedy, and coming-of-age drama. This complete collection includes all 24 episodes of the funny and thrilling series.

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7 DVD Collection!

This is cheap, hot deal!

Edit: been browsing the anime boxsets on amazon, they sure have gone down in price. IIRC they used to cost a fortune few years back.
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