Full Spectrum Warrior (PC GAME) - ONLY 99p Delivered @ Play.com (zoverstocks)

Full Spectrum Warrior (PC GAME) - ONLY 99p Delivered @ Play.com (zoverstocks)

Found 31st Dec 2010
This is a squad based war sim, based on realistic modern combat in an urban setting. You take command of squads of soldiers completing various tasks like search and rescue or a simple patrol in a middle eastern city.

The game play is gripping and the interface is easy. For once the AI of the computer is up to the task. Good fun game that makes you feel for the boys in Iraq having to do this for real.

Want to have a go at combat command but don't like the idea of being shot at? Give it a go and at the budget price your be mad not to it!

Oh for thouse that dont know this is NOT an FPS (First Person Shooter).


7.7 score at Gamespot which is quite good.
How long before price goes up at Play.com

Price up already!

It was a playtrade seller, who has sold out.

how old!!!

i remeber this and im sure its new 20 years old!
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