Fully sealable tupperware boxes £1 (Poundland)

Fully sealable tupperware boxes £1 (Poundland)

Found 9th Jun 2009
As title says, check image to see what I mean by "fully sealable" - they have the proper clicker seals...

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Do you work for PoundLand??
misleading title ..they are not the tupperware brand
I've bought 2 of those 8 month ago at Poundland. Still using both of them, also on one of them one of the locking flaps is about to break off.

I find the ones that Tesco/Sainsburys sell are of a much much better made quality, but at a £1 each the Poundland ones are great value for money. Also worth nothing is that they "don't stink of plastic", unlike some cheap ones you get.

Do you work for PoundLand??

I think he must own it!
keep em coming Jack , ignore all those that are to lazy to post deals and just criticise

You cant win with some people :thumbsup:
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