Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 4L £17 in store at Tesco

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 4L £17 in store at Tesco

Found 13th Apr 2008
Just picked up a couple of these today. Still expensive I known - but I have not seen it cheaper else where. Can't see it online.

(Bulb kit for £7 too H1/H4/H7 etc available - not sure if its good value)


That's a lot less then ]Halfords own brand.

Can't understand that being cold unless it's not in all stores?

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Just spotted it today - been looking some time for a good fully synthetic oil deal.
Its available in the Merton branch which is large but a bit **** compared with other large branches.

Can anyone explain why fully synthetic oil has rocketed in price?

Tesco garages sell fully synthetic Castrol 10/40 grade for £14.

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Are you sure its 4L?
I think you may be confusing semi-synthetic. Please send details that would be very cheap.

It was just in the garage. Sure it's fully synthetic as i've used it loads of times. Used to get 4.5 litres for the same money though.
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