Fulton Foods Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake 99p

Fulton Foods Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake 99p

Found 14th Mar 2016
Pretty good deal for ben and jerry', pumpkin cheesecake not everyones flavour.
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Is it an American import?
It's delicious, not an import.
Only a 240 mile round trip, bargain!
already posted
same price in heron foods too. great tasting ice cream
sounds gross
Sounds odd but I'm just glad it's just another chocolate/caramel combination which is all B&J seem to do nowadays.

They used to have much more interesting flavours.
my favourite flavour and no where near a fulton or herons, my Freezer would be stacked with them. they were a limited edition for Halloween. taste more like a fresh cinnamon cheesecake.
Despite sounding like it'd be disgusting, this is actually really tasty, has a nice rich flavour.
Feeling very Jel here! I've had this before, this is legal cr@k and not a store for miles
There's even a bit of cookie in the centre
Heat added
Loved this flavour
I went to the Ben & Jerrys HQ in Vermont last summer, free ice cream on a new flavour, was so yum. We however are very unlucky when it comes to ice cream, they have so many more flavours over there.
In the test kitchen, they were trying peanut butter and rubarb for some party event. ewww
These are leftover stock from Halloween. It sounds like it wouldn't be nice but it's very tasty. It tastes a bit of gingerbread. Well worth a go for a quid.
Same price in Heron
Why is this revolting store not anywhere near the South
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