FUN OUTDOOR TOY: PHLAT BALL only £1.99 or large for £4.99  (£9.99 at IWOOT.COM) plus NECTOR POINTS

FUN OUTDOOR TOY: PHLAT BALL only £1.99 or large for £4.99 (£9.99 at IWOOT.COM) plus NECTOR POINTS

Found 31st Jan 2007
These balls look really entertaining with fun for the whole family and with spring just around the corner, it's the perfect toy to throw around in the park and is the best selling outdoor toy in Australia.
The ingenious thing about this toy is not only is it a ball but it can also transform into a throwing disc, making it replicate a frisbee but with additional benefits.

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Product description from IWOOT:

Phlat Balls have taken Australia by storm and with their innovative design we really aren’t surprised! They are half balls and half throwing discs, allowing you to constantly reinvent your play. You Phlatten the ball by squeezing the top and bottom together and it sticks in place, then throw it like a disc, and it pops out into a ball, which is really quite clever. The release from disc to ball is random, so you never quite know if you're going to be catching a ball or a disc. And of course if you happen to miss-throw it (heaven forbid) and it lands on an inconveniently placed roof, simply wait and when it pops into a ball shape it'll roll off - neat. Can’t decide which Phlat ball to go for, why not go for both? The Phlat Ball Pack will satisfy all your throwing needs, including both the smaller four inch ball and the larger six inch ball. The Phlat Balls are the ultimate game to take travelling as they pack flat, or should we say 'phlat'.
Phlat Balls available in Large, Small or a pack of both.
Each ball is made from a plastic and fabric construction.
The balls have a spring loaded, variable time delay feature.
A game booklet.
Colours may vary.
Size:- Small: 10 x 10 x 10cm (as a ball), 15 x 3cm (as a disc)
Large: 15 x 15 x 15cm (as a ball), 23 x 5cm (as a disc).

Don't forget to use your Nector card, so you can claim some additional points, as Quidco don't currently use Amazon.
- realfriendlyman
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These are cool, my nephew has one
Thanks Emma, i'm considering buying one of each for my gf's son, which i think he'll love.
Bump, so more people see this offer.

Bump, so more people see this offer.

Thanks realfriendlyman, just having problems deciding what else to order to cover the other £13 for free postage:thinking:
Great price for this, thanks :thumbsup: Got my girls these and they love but as i mentioned in another post my little pup loves it too, keeps him amused for ages!
Did anyone see the reviews for this thing? It sounds rubbish.
yeah i was going to say the same thing, not very good however i did read that if you kept it dry then the time delay thingy will continue to work... still at the price if it last a few weeks i think i'd be happy
Theese look great! Good for traveling :thumbsup: will pack into a suitcase!
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