Funkeys: Dream State: Drift (Series 3) - £2.79 delivered @

Funkeys: Dream State: Drift (Series 3) - £2.79 delivered @

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Found 5th Oct 2009
# Each Funkey gives you access to different parts of the world
# Change out your Funkey in the U.B. Hub (sold seperately) to change your Funkey on screen
# You become the Funkey that is in the U.B. Hub
# When you start up the U.B. Funkeys game, you will be brought to the Main Menu where you can create a player, login, or change your settings

Each Dream State Funkey comes in three variant colours. We cannot determine which one you will receive.


What the funk is it?

^^ maybe so but my kids love them.

i've bought quite a few more from america as my son collects them and plays with them as toys aswell as
playing them on the PC. YOU NEED A HUB WHICH COSTS AROUND £15.
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