Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Marvel Star Wars others £4.99 instore @ B&M

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Marvel Star Wars others £4.99 instore @ B&M

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B&M have various pop vinyl figures for £4.99 .. and the 6" Giant Man figure for £9.99 which is one if the best figures IMO.. the website shows more available than in my local store in Uttoxeter .. there were Marvel, Star Wars, Overwatch and Power Rangers.
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Which store
Got the widowmaker loot box exclusive from Elland store
These have been a thing in b and m for a month or so but not seen overwatch ones in store yet. Hope my store gets stuff other than marvel soon.
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Got Falcon and Iron Man unmasked from the Civil War range for the same price
B&M Chadwell Heath had a few in stock: Giant Man, Agent 13, War Machine, Scarlett Witch, Widowmaker and some more
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B&M Lichfield has star wars and Giantman and civil war ones.
B&M Northfield has few star wars, call of duty and Gianttman
I've been to 4 in London & none have giant man
B&M Sheffield (Hillsborough) has some Star Wars and Power Rangers
Glad I'm alive to see the day Funko Pops start appearing in junk shops.
People finally realised they're wasting their money on crudely shaped plastic efergies? Thank the Lord!
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