Funky pigeon Cards BOGOF

Funky pigeon Cards BOGOF

Found 28th Feb 2015
Not sure if this has been posted already but my order at Funky Pigeon went through as BOGOF. I can't see it advertised on the website so it was a pleasant surprise! Also you get free delivery with 2 or more cards. Great for Mother's Day.
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Ok, I will!
Just tried and it hasn't worked
Didn't work for me either
I did it through the App, maybe that makes the difference. I've just tried it again and it worked.

Just downloaded the app and worked for me!

Heat added.

Struggled to find something suitable to turn into a Fathers Day card (Windows app missing a lot of categories and no search function) but pleased with BOGOF.

Order is not showing anywhere and no emails apart from PayPal receipt, let's hope it's gone through and arrives!

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Yep working today (2/3)
Worked for me on 1 Mar and was a very welcome surprise!
Contacted them and due to technical issues, they did not get my order. PayPal payment refunded.
I can't get this to give me any discount, I've spent ages making cards on the site and the app. I've even already put a tenner in the account. Getting annoyed now
worked for me today
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