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Funky Whirlpool microwave with steam function - £91.99 @ Amazon
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Funky Whirlpool microwave with steam function - £91.99 @ Amazon

Posted 22nd Aug 2010
Definately one of the funkiest microwaves I've seen but it wil probably go cold, heyho. ;0)

Manufacturer's Description
Whirlpool, the world's number 1 appliance manufacturer, launches its unique Compact Max "Fitness" range of Microwave ovens with Amazon. The Max has a revolutionary space saving rounded back to allow it to slot onto any kitchen surface and even small corners. However, despite the smaller foot print, its 28 cm turntable is the same size as much larger conventional shaped microwave ovens.
Colour is big news this year with the shops full of accessories and appliances in a rainbow of shades. Right on trend, Whirlpool's Max Fitness range is available in 6 colours to match other fashionable counter top products.

Steaming is one of the oldest cooking methods and is making a real comeback with the trend for healthy eating - steam retains more nutrients and vitamins and the food looks and tastes better. Max Fitness maximises this cooking method with the addition of a special steam container that holds the food and a control system designed to take away the guess work and steam 4 different food types automatically at the touch of a button.

All the microwaves in the range have a 'Jet defrost' function which is up to seven times faster than conventional microwaves, to help you prepare delicious and healthy food in record time.

Capacity: 13 Litre Equivalent to a 20 litre standard microwave
Maximum Microwave Power Level: 750 Watts 7 Microwave Power Levels
Turntable Diameter: 28cm
Door Type: Side swing
Clock: 24 hr
Interior Cavity Light: Yes
Control System: Electronic
Timer: Electronic
Voltage: 230
Maximum Power: 1.3kW
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well, that is fancy, for a fancy kitchen. Would make a nice christmas present I imagine for people with some spare money
Was just about to ask how many hdmi ports it had, as i thought it was a tv.
I've wanted one of these for ages - corner microwaves make so much sense, don't know why there aren't more on the market. But this only comes in a metallic red (or other colours) - I want either proper red or stainless

Not a bad price - seen them around this before but never any lower.
I had to double take when I first saw it as I thought they had misprinted a portable TV instead of a microwave.
Not bad reviews on this - Amazon also have it in black at same price
3D distribution system X)

Is it HD ready?
Yes it probably is HD ready ( HD=Hot Dog!!)
i got the black one..
nice microwave
compact too
Oh my word, that is the funkiest little kitchen gadget I've ever seen! Hot hot hot!

Yes it probably is HD ready ( HD=Hot Dog!!)

How many P's? 720 or 1080?
Will it wash my socks?
IIRC from looking at in a shop a while ago, its very small internally, especially as you can get a big Panasonic for the same price.

Capacity: 13 Litre Equivalent to a 20 litre standard microwave

Modern day technology is getting ahead of me again or i cant do the math.
I got this for our tiny flat's kitchen. It's great.
The steamer is pretty good and has easy programmes set up already for various things.

It's about normal size in width, but quite low in height - a normal 'microwave rice' pouch won't fit standing up, for example, but they include a baby bottle warmer and you can rest the pouch on that, so it's fine.

I'd give this five stars, it's very good.

Modern day technology is getting ahead of me again or i cant do the math.

It has Doctor Who Tardis technology
awesome, 1 ordered. thanks

awesome, 1 ordered. thanks

awesome referring to a microwave.......... awesome

awesome referring to a microwave.......... awesome

Yeah, I went with funky. Awesome is Chuck's brother-in-law

Capacity: 13 Litre Equivalent to a 20 litre standard microwave

It's 'cos it's got a rounded back (in plan view it looks like the arched window on Playshool, if like me you're old enough to remember. But, unlike my dad, not too old to remember anything). They've calculated the equivalent volume of a conventional (cuboid) microwave with the same height, width and depth. But the extra volume in a normal microwave is useless as anything sticking off the side of the plate into the back corners would get stuck!

Just looked at mine and realised its width is greater than its depth. That would explain why when i put long thin in sideways (like a big fish) it gets stuck on the door as it turns. Why didn't they just make my microwave 1" narrower so it takes up less counter space?

This one looks cool (it'd free up some counter space for a fishtank!) but I can't justify £90 as I only ever use it to bake potatoes (then crisp 'em up in the oven), defrost stuff and reheat cold coffee!
This was £54 at B&Q, currently £99 (diy.com/diy…001), so cheapest at moment not sure if it's a hot deal though.
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I bought the white one of these and had to have it replaced 3 times and had a refund in the end.. I had flames appear inside, i had a non working light and a non working turntable...
and its really tiny inside....

Yeah, I went with funky. Awesome is Chuck's brother-in-law

maybe 'hot' would have been better...........ding.

is that a good show?

just added it to my new blockbuster list :-)

Hey, we have one of these, brilliant apart from one thing. We have square plates and they don't turn inside, quite a small capacity.
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