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Evercade - Premium (Exclusive Black Collector's Limited Edition) - £79.99 @ Funstock
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Posted 6th Sep 2019Posted 6th Sep 2019
Evercade - Premium (Exclusive Black Collector's Limited Edition) - £79.99 @ Funstock£79.99
More of a heads up really...pre orders have now gone live and apparently the black console is going to me a "collectors" edition and limited to just 3000 units... Pre-orders from… Read more

You dont get a lot of games without buying the £149.99 bundle :-(


What's excuse for such high price? How is this abomination any better than emulator??


Be wary what you buy from funstock. They block negative reviews on their site! Check reviews elsewhere before buying.


It's immediate payment, unfortunately. I know Funstock have being sending promotional e-mails out about this on an almost hourly basis but, it being such a niche product, I'll be massively suprised if most of the stock isn't still in place at the March release date.


I dunno man this does not seem like good value to me. In my opinion too so warning its an opinion, only retro gaming that has aged well it from the NES and beyond. Atari games are so primitive. Also all the games here only about 10 are worth playing and can be emulated on amything for free

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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
RETRON HD GAMES CONSOLE FOR NES CARTRIDGES - GREY - £19.99 @ Funstock Retro£19.99£49.9960%
Features & Details 8-bit gaming never looked this amazing! The RetroN HD retro games console plays your orignal NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) cartridges (PAL and NTSC) i… Read more

I see now... you have included delivery fee there too, right? Cheers! (:I


Thanks! Price was a bit more expensive there... Should I have amended that one? Wasn't sure about what to do. Cheers! (y)


Already posted I'm afraid

Double Dragon Plug and Play arcade stick
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Double Dragon Plug and Play arcade stick£11.99
Could make for a decent little stocking filler for someone that likes retro games.

Single Dragon


Its the NES version on it, NOT the arcade one, not worth it


Just go round head butting everyone (y)


The screenshot looks like the NES version?


Exactly! This one has excellent price, but I bought 2 in China, that do actually have 10 buttons each (only cared about 3, but it doesn't hurt to have more for MAME emulator) and it was 20$ each. Aaand all the charm gone ...

RetroN HD Games Console for NES Cartridges - Grey (Hyperkin) £21.98 del @ Funstock Retro
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
RetroN HD Games Console for NES Cartridges - Grey (Hyperkin) £21.98 del @ Funstock Retro£21.98
Did a search and couldn't see this deal posted Seems a bargain for those with a few NES carts gathering dust. Apparently very accurate as its a clone of the hardware and not softw… Read more
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Code GYL took a further three quid off my order (of three)


I know, but if you're serious enough to own a large collection of original carts, then you're probably serious enough to go all in and experience them in the best way possible. Otherwise, you might ad well just go down the emulation route. I myself, own over 100 boxed with manual SNES games, and want the Super NT. But you're right, the cost of the unit is excessive.


considerably more (lol) . $ 449 less shipping


Much better, but considerably more expensive: Info:


that's a generous mark-up

Hyperkin Smart Boy for Android - turns your phone into a Game Boy! (Was £59.99) £14.99 / £16.98 delivered @ Funstock retro
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Hyperkin Smart Boy for Android - turns your phone into a Game Boy! (Was £59.99) £14.99 / £16.98 delivered @ Funstock retro£14.99£59.9975%
The Hyperkin Smart Boy is a physical device you shove your Android phone into to turn it into a Game Boy / Game Boy Color. It takes actual Game Boy / Game Boy Color carts and I hav… Read more

Hehehehehe, that's cool, lol. Do, it interfaces via USB-C then?. :-) (Or are there other tricks up it's sleeve as to how it does it instead, or whatever?), thanx.


Weird, now back in stock again. Thanks for the heads up!


It should also be said this can work with GBA emulators as well as it has L and R buttons but you can't dump your GBA cartridges as the cartridge slot is only Gameboy and Gameboy Colour compatible.


So just to clarify: it's basically any phone with a USB C port. Which is slightly misleading as the picture clearly shows a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the advert which uses Micro USB and so ironically is not compatible? :/


Basically any phone that has a USB c connection?

Retro Freak Premium Edition UK Console just £99.99 delivered from
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Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Retro Freak Premium Edition UK Console just £99.99 delivered from£94.99
Fantastic retro monster of a machine! Play all your old cartridges on this amazing machine, upscaling to HD! Big saving on the RRP! Happy gaming! *EDIT... Add "FRUGALGAMING" as a … Read more

It's included in the Premium pack, but not the standard version. The one I bought was that one, came with the adapter to play GG and SG 1000 games, plus another adapter to plug in original pads ( you don't have the connections on the actual unit, just USB on there ) and the main console / USB controller. The emulation is pretty good, several different types of scalers / filters for each, the included pad is pretty rubbish, but you can plug in other USB controllers, but you'd be missing some the additional buttons to get to menu's etc.


Where do you get an adaptor from pal?


I don't advocate buying the cheapest. I've got lots of Retro gear and this interested me but since I don't own any carts this can play I wondered what else this could do. Clearly appears that raspberry pi does everything and probably more, since I have a few of those , it doesn't seem worth me buying it.


Lol bloody phone changing my words lol


If it's gone mouldy, you might want to clean it, pronto!!

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Official atari t-shirts £14.99 down to £5.63 (with code) at Funstock Retro (plus £1.99 delivery)
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
Official atari t-shirts £14.99 down to £5.63 (with code) at Funstock Retro (plus £1.99 delivery)£5.99
I got the distressed with classic logo in 2xl. Fit and quality look good. Thanks to r0b0m0nk3y for the code which drops the price to £5.63

Save more with the following discount code: GYL Brings the price down to £5.63.


On ebay search "esports atari T-shirts" they look pretty cool for £5.99.


The 2xl one I got is standard cut 100% cotton.


Thx any idea if there is a size guide? Are they standard cut or fitted?

Hyperkin Supaboy SFC @ Funstock just £49.99
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Posted 28th Sep 2018Posted 28th Sep 2018
Hyperkin Supaboy SFC @ Funstock just £49.99£49.99
Hyperkin’s latest incarnation of their Supaboy handheld console for half price at Funstock. Pretty much biting point price for me, so hopefully it’ll help someone else here too. … Read more

hey,good news.opened a paypal dispute against them this morning,and just got email sayin funstock now paid me my refund,hope everyone else gets it sorted,just annoyin havin to chase them up,why couldnt they just do that a week ago,


I feel bad the deal went so hot! I haven’t personally ordered from them before, but I’ve never heard a bad word against them... I do hope you get it sorted. PayPal will cover you, so don’t worry, I guess it’s just the aggravation... ;(


did anyone get their refund? ive now put a paypal claim in,10 days no refund,dont reply to email,no answer on phone,total joke company,


if they dont reply by monday then ill be doin same,shockin,i was gonna order from them in the future as really wanted a snes handheld,but will look else where now seein as cant even sort refund out,i like how they say refund be done by manger,but in email says,refund done already by our team,how many people does it take,useless


I emailed them tuesday morning, still no reply to that either. Going to just stick a paypal claim in shortly. Honestly, its pretty poor isnt it.

Retro Freak 12-in-1 Console - - UK Premium Edition £99.99 Funstock Retro
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Retro Freak 12-in-1 Console - - UK Premium Edition £99.99 Funstock Retro£99.99
A great piece of kit, if I do say so myself. Usually retails at £179.99. A competitor of the Retron 5, the Retro Freak is an all-in-one clone console, compatible wifh NES, Famico… Read more
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Is there much point to this since my pc plays all thee games?


I looked at this a few times in last year or two But no SMS cart slot, is a sin really. The reviews suggest the funstock retro is a bit cheaply made, and unreliable for cart reading, as someone has already mentioned... The funstock retro might do more, but I'd rather go for the Retro-Bit 3-in1 myself as is a better build, dedicated cart slots, and that it has the original pin ports, you can use the original SMD/NES/SNES control pads with it.


Have had one of these for a while, emulation seems fine, and once you've copied games to it you can take the small pi sized part to friends' houses, so very portable. Found that mega drive game compatibility seemed pretty poor (didn't seem to work with PAL EA titles?), but everything else has been fine so far. It's not particularly suitable to load up with 100s of ROMS, as the interface gets super slow if you do. I like the controller adapter, using the original controllers feels nicer than using some of the modern USB versions.


This is best on Sony consoles, don't play it on no name brands like Sega.


I'd buy such a thing :) A dreamcast mini... although I guess if it supported original games it wouldn't be that mini, would be an instant buy for me.

Hyperkin Smartboy - £21.98 - Funstock Retro
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Posted 18th Jul 2018Posted 18th Jul 2018
Hyperkin Smartboy - £21.98 - Funstock Retro£21.98£32.9933%
Cheapest price I have ever seen this, and currently sits £12 under that asking price on Amazon (which is the cheapest I can see). This thing released in the UK at £59.99, and was… Read more
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Free fire


What are ypu playing


How could this go up to 220° ? I thought 💭 hukd community is smarter…


Exactly what 9 thought 💭


(strong) yep this does make much more sense

Jurassic Park (Back to the Future, Sonic & Street Fighter too) Limited Edition Coin £9.99 / £11.94 delivered @ Funstockretro
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Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
Jurassic Park (Back to the Future, Sonic & Street Fighter too) Limited Edition Coin £9.99 / £11.94 delivered @ Funstockretro£12.99
Funstock Retro still has stock of the Jurassic Park Limited Edition Coin which is sold out in most places & selling for double/triple on eBay. Free delivery for orders over £… Read more

It's a collectable. The original price of £9.99 was pretty good. Collectible coins can go for quite a bit even if they are just metal instead of silver or gold. Plus this is going for double that on eBay & as far as I could find this was the only place that still had this in stock as it is sold out everywhere else.


Another price edit: Has gone up again to £14.99. Guess as stock goes down, price goes up or something!


£10 for silver plated nickel? Really?


That's a shame. Worked for me last night. Must have expired it. It is for new accounts only. Yeah these seem great for fans. Bought one for my husband. I think they are individually numbered too. Not 100% sure.


Ty found it a second ago but Welcome5 not working as expired. 5% off is cool though GF loves BTFT and had no idea these existed

*33% OFF* Hyperkin Supaboy S Retro SNES Handheld Console @
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
*33% OFF* Hyperkin Supaboy S Retro SNES Handheld Console @£66.66
The latest Supaboy S from Hyperkin which plays original Super Nintendo games from the US and UK on the move! A whopping 33% reduction on this handheld console, which also doubles … Read more
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That’s my hesitation too! Why on earth they left out the HDMI and have any niggles at all... Frustrating! I’m with you! (highfive)


To clarify, I meant pointless due to lack of HDMI, and glitches. The HDMI issue makes it pointless for me personally. If it had HDMI out, and worked perfectly, I'd buy it in a heartbeat as I have a HUGE collection of carts.


Wouldn’t say “pointless”. Every console has glitches although I do agree with no HDMI... that’s a bummer. As a gadget to play your original carts with and have the same feel as the 90s, it’s pretty well priced.


Seems pointless. No HDMI out. And glitch on some carts :(


Really not sure? I’ve seen a few YouTube videos on and this seems to be the improved version over the original. I’m so tempted to get it, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger!

BLAZE TAB Plus Android Retro Gaming Tablet - £94.99 using code @ Funstockretro
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Posted 28th Jun 2017Posted 28th Jun 2017
BLAZE TAB Plus Android Retro Gaming Tablet - £94.99 using code @ Funstockretro£94.99
Excellent price, but is it the same as the GPD Q9? Use code CONTINUE to get £5 off
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You dump em :)


Rookie question: they've all got the consoles listed for emulation... But where do you get ROMs?


​What about eBay then, from China?


It will take at least 20 days to arrive from gearbest and TRUST ME will get ZERO warranty with gearbest.


​Could just go for the Q9 at Gearbest for £85 then?

Sega Mega Drive: Sonic 25th Anniversary Edition - 80 games plus slot for old games £49.99 @ Funstock
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Posted 26th Jul 2016Posted 26th Jul 2016
Sega Mega Drive: Sonic 25th Anniversary Edition - 80 games plus slot for old games £49.99 @ Funstock£49.99
Meet the Sega Mega Drive: Sonic 25th Anniversary Edition. This mini version of the original console comes with 80 original games built in, and is more feature-laden than Nintendo's… Read more
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It's licenced but not made by Sega. AtGames makes piece of crap hardware and the games they picked are mediocre also.


Officially licensed by Sega. So don't worry about it :|


Says 'Genesis'. :p


If it's quality built like SNES then composite will still look great.


This wasn't made by Sega. And by the looks of it, it's just a repackage.

Official Street Fighter T-Shirts - Blanka, Ryu and Ken available: £4.74 delivered @ (With code 'ONEUP')
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Posted 20th Apr 2016Posted 20th Apr 2016
Official Street Fighter T-Shirts - Blanka, Ryu and Ken available: £4.74 delivered @ (With code 'ONEUP')£4.74
Check out this official and limited edition Street Fighter T-Shirt! Featuring Blanka of Brazil. Features 100% Cotton white t-shirt Light weight crew neck 100% Official Merchandise… Read more

niceeee thanks


Yeah thats actually just for the postage itself. The actual shirt costs another £20 I'm afraid.


price up to £19.99, they were awful as it is at £4.99




£18.99 after discount now oO.

Sega Megadrive 2 - Streets Of Rage Special Edition (Refurb) - £14.24 - Funstock Retro
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Posted 1st Apr 2016Posted 1st Apr 2016
Sega Megadrive 2 - Streets Of Rage Special Edition (Refurb) - £14.24 - Funstock Retro£14.24
You what mate? £14.24 with 10 games in-built and the 'cartridge slot takes most Megadrive / Genesis games from any region' 10 Sega Megadrive games pre-loaded Includes titles from … Read more
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​They still look pretty good on your mobile :) I agree with the CRT part but LCDs are getting better all the time. Hopefully more LCDs will support backlight strobing to improve ghosting issues.



It's made by blaze who licensed the mega drive name from sega.


Dammit too slow. Is this an official product btw?


The Megadrive was always a poor man's Snes. Back then, Nintendo really were Super. How times have changed...

PS4 Controller Darth Vader £49.99 @ Funstock
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Posted 2nd Mar 2016Posted 2nd Mar 2016
PS4 Controller Darth Vader £49.99 @ Funstock£49.99
I've seen this priced normally around £80 but not many places showing in stock. This has had a further reduction from 59.99
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Horribly sensitive triggers on mine.


£39 it was (online anyway). Still a great deal. This controller is much, much nicer in real life.


tell me you didn't buy this X)


I'm sure I paid £24.99 from tesco. Might be worth checking

Funstock Retro Refurbished Console Clearance Weekend (Inc Atari Flashback 3 Games Console - £14.99 / SEGA Megadrive Arcade Classic (60 games) - £24.99)
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Posted 19th Feb 2016Posted 19th Feb 2016
Funstock Retro Refurbished Console Clearance Weekend (Inc Atari Flashback 3 Games Console - £14.99 / SEGA Megadrive Arcade Classic (60 games) - £24.99)£14.99
Funstock Retro are having a little clear out of refurbished retro consoles. [Refurbished / Used] JXD S7800b Android Retro Gaming Tablet (New 16GB Edition) £69.99 ColecoVision Fla… Read more
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Has anyone tried the Megadrive? Tempted at £19.99 but seems to have mixed reviews regarding sound and emulation.


Got the retro trio and it's good kit but seems to be an issue with TVs and vertical lines which mine has so rummaging around the interweb for solutions! Could become a tad annoying


​Hi yep sure can and seem to run them well ones ive tried you just need to alter the .rom to .isp


You could get a more modern console for similar prices to those listed here, they have the advantage of warranty if bought from Game or CEX, the best bit is having wireless controllers. Couple the fact that you can download a lot of free demo and retro games and it will keep them entertained (and of course you can buy new games or second hand ones very cheap too!) My 4 year old plays Plants Vs Zombies on the PS3 and is currently playing Skylanders... A retro console would probably not be appreciated by anyone under 21 now! (although saying that - have you seen Minecraft or Terraria?) Xbox 360 with wireless controller £45 from CEX Xbox 360 from Game (unknown accessories) £31.99 The PS3 second hand is a little more expensive (£70!), however the Wii can be had for around £25 - it'll also play gamecube games and use those accessories out of the box... You could purchase the retro games...


So glad I setup all the emulators and roms on my gaming pc otherwise I'd be buying the retron5, and I really don't have the space for it and for getting all my cartridges out of storage. Video review of it by blunty. Now if this thing had usb support or an internal hdd slot where you could play downloaded roms too. Then I'd be in trouble. If the retron5 is too much for people, the Retro trio's a great one too: NES,SNES and Genesis games, plus the super game boy adapter will work, so you can get 4 consoles running off it. Main loss is the lack of upscaling and audio/video enhancements. But at £40 that's a good deal.

Space Invaders Arcade Machine Coin Bank £19.99 Delivered (Black Friday sale) @ Funstock
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Space Invaders Arcade Machine Coin Bank £19.99 Delivered (Black Friday sale) @ Funstock£19.99
Overview The New Takara Tomy Space Invaders Coin Piggy Bank will gobble up your coins and let you play a tiny version of the now famous Space Invaders Game on the table-top LCD. T… Read more

I am having the same issue! Lots of debt to clear with the credit card company now, lol.


nooo .. i love this .. can't quite stretch to £20 quid at the moment after the last few days .. bum

NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition - £107.99 With Code - Funstock
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Posted 21st Oct 2015Posted 21st Oct 2015
NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition - £107.99 With Code - Funstock£107.99
Cheapest I have ever seen this. Around £159 on eBay and the cheapest on Amazon is £169. What You Get Limited Edition package - includes the Neo Geo Ninja Master's game card. SNK … Read more
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Thanks! That is the one I already found, unfortunately out-of-stock indefinitely. (Managed to order one via a shady looking Chinese site, £24 with shipping)


YEP Click Here


In reality might be better off getting a psp and installing some homebrew on there, all of the neo geo games ive tried on mine run flawless and its way cheaper than this! plus if you have the 2000 model you could always get the tv out lead and hook it up to your lcd tv


Could you post a link to where these kits are available please?


I disagree, for the price you are getting a very poor experience with emulation inferior to cheaper/free options. You're better off emulating via PC or PSP. Here's a good summary of it in aciton.