Fur Real Biscuit My Lovin Pup £99.95 (save £75) @ Amazon
Fur Real Biscuit My Lovin Pup £99.95 (save £75) @ Amazon

Fur Real Biscuit My Lovin Pup £99.95 (save £75) @ Amazon

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Price matched John Lewis, so take your pick, about the cheapest by £40.
You can't help but fall in love with Biscuit, the gorgeous Golden Retriever pup. He's life size and has the most adorable, pleading eyes ever! There's no need to train him as he'll sit up, lie down and he'll even beg and give you his paw.

But remember, you have to love and care for him, as he loves attention from his owner and responds to your touch with an affectionate nuzzle and heart melting puppy noises!

Please note: No real fur has been used to make Biscuit.


Great find amibees!!! Very good price if you are in the market to buy it (we already have one and i dont think its that good-my kids love him though). Heat from me.

Got this last year from woolies at this price maybe less but i cannot ever remember it being £175?. Its not worth the money it looks pretty real and cute thats all the commands are a bit hit and miss more miss than hit and eats the big batteries like theres no tomorrow.

I was lucky enough to get it in Sainsburys for £70, but out of stock ever since!!

these were around £60 last year

Sure it is around £75 in costco

Not gonna vote as I haven't been looking this year but as a word of warning (and agreeing with Waterloo), I took advantage of the Argos offer for Biscuit last year and Christmas day was great.... but since then it's been turned on maybe twice (no exageration!) to show friends.

That's it... cute, cuddly but hugely limited and not played with by either my 5 or 9 year old kids who were dying to get their hands on him at the start. You'd be better off buying a big cardboard box cos they got more out of that... Couldn't say about battery life as it's still got the same set as last year!


Sure it is around £75 in costco

Was over a hundred quid on Sunday in Bristol Costco. Can't remember the exact amount but I was chatting to some woman who said how expensive it seemed and recall it being 110 or something like that.

been looking for one of these for my 1y/o, they are £150 in smyths and the entertainer and £175 in ELC (bout £150 -20%) so i just bought this.
I think she'll like this cos she loves animals especially dogs but i'm sure older kids would probs get bored of it quickly lol

Bought this last year for my daughter paid around £100.00 for it. Played with on Xmas day and now sits as a dust collector. There is absolutely no lasting play factor with this. Like another post commands are a bit hit and miss. For the money its doesnt walk or look particular real.



My daughter was playing with one of these in John Lewis yesterday. I found it a bit freaky. There's a cat version too - even freakier! :shock:

hi is the one in john lewis the same as the one in argos? collar looks different,want to buy for my daughter, she would love this
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