Fur Real Rollover Pup - Toys R Us - £14.99 Less than Half Price

Fur Real Rollover Pup - Toys R Us - £14.99 Less than Half Price

Found 4th Nov 2009
This little lifelike pup is on a roll! This lovable dog rolls over and rolls back! Just give his tummy a rub and watch him squirm with delight, making realistic puppy noises to let you know that hes never been happier!

Pet your pups back to relax him. Keep petting his soft fur and hell go right to sleep. Give his left paw a squeeze and hell wiggle back and forth, responding to your touch! This sweet buddy loves to snuggle too simply hold him in your arms and pat his back and hell cuddle right up to you!

Just like a real puppy, the more you play with him, the happier hell be. He even comes with an adoption certificate so you can be sure that hell be all yours forever!

Better than Half Price!!
Was £39.99 NOW £14.99
Seems quite good value.


Same price at Argos....typical I had already bought mine 2 weeks ago ;-)

would be a lovley toy if they would just put some stuffing in them!

wonder what its like compared to lulu as was going to get her.
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