Furby £30 @ Very with code when you open a credit account(new customers)

Furby £30 @ Very with code when you open a credit account(new customers)

Found 3rd Nov 2012
Very have the blue furby and the purple and blue furbyavailable. If you use the code 2AVKQ, then new customers who open a credit account get £30 off when you spend £60. Hope this helps someone

Code expires December 17th
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Why is this going cold? Saving someone £30 at this time of year is a god send!
It's "Very" cold.

One of the retailers on the HUKD hate list
Buy something from Very, using a voucher code, at your peril. Orders tend not to arrive and then follows lengthy calls to customer services, who never seem to be able to carry out the task required and instead need to "call you back". They also rarely call back. Just my experience...
never had a problem with them
the only problem I've had with very is the fact they use Yodel and my Yodel driver doesn't even attempt to deliver my items, just sees I live in a flat and drives away saying I was never in and they left a card when theres no card in sight *sighhhh*

heat added though
shame I already have a very account because I really want a furby and I'm not willing to spend £60 for one
I too have never had a problem with Very, in fact since taking up their free customer offer two years ago I have never paid full price for anything i've ordered since as they constantly send out money off voucher codes. The reason they are disliked on here is that many people use codes not intended for general use and then they moan when they have the order cancelled or are charged the full price. It's simple - take up the original offer (register for a credit account but pay it off in full) get your £30 off. Wait a few weeks and another voucher code will arrive, use that if needed, etc etc. As for delivery, you can have it delivered for free to a local Yodel pick up/drop off point. Mine's my local garage. Only problem with your post is that most people already know about the new customer deal so it isn't exactly a new deal.
omg thanks so much. you have saved me so much money!!!:D
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