Furby b&m bargains 39.99!

Furby b&m bargains 39.99!

LocalFound 31st Oct 2013
Re-posting this as it was removed for spam?
May not be to everyone's taste, but these are £59.99 in Argos, tesco etc, so posted just as it's a good deal compared to everywhere else!

A whole new generation of Furby is hatching! Combining physical and digital play, the new Furby Boom will take you on a digital adventure! Furby Boom has a mind of its own with a personality that is shaped by the way you play. Furby Boom speaks its own Furbish language and the more you interact with it the more English it speaks too!
Pet, tickle its tummy, pull its tail and feed Furby Boom with your finger.
Use the Furby Boom app to name your Furby Boom friend and monitor its wellbeing including its happiness, hunger and cleanliness levels.
Play with and care for Furby Boom using the free Furby Boom App to earn colourful, virtual eggs that will hatch into virtual Furbling friends.
Both owners and Furby Boom can raise Furblings by feeding, playing and interacting with them through both physical and virtual activity!
Get the free Furby Boom App, available on the App store and Google Play. App is optional and not compatible with prior Furby generations.
One supplied.
Size H22.9, W20.3, D12.7cm.
Batteries required: 4 x AA (not included).
For ages 6 years and over.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
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i got this very same one for 18 from amazon last week

i got this very same one for 18 from amazon last week

Ah that's a brill price. I just posted this as I was in Argos and seen them for 59.99 and then went in b&m and they were this price, so posted. You had a good deal there
Don't think this deal deserves to get cold as it is currently the best around, but then again it doeasn't really deserve to get Hot either with last weeks deal. I was one of the lucky ones to get the £18 furby.
it is still a really good deal though but when u see people getting it much less still grudges u to pay that bit more for the same thing

There a B*gger to Stuff... and don't produce enough fat for the Roasties oO
B and M are selling last years Furbys at £39.99 and not the Furby Boom which you can get for £54.99 at ASDA (I think thats the cheapest)
Please dont get confused with this deal.
I'm not sure this is a furby boom - all the boom ones come in black boxes. This looks like the older version. Lightening zap that some of us got for £18.
Ah my apologies. I don't know the difference between the furbys, I thought they were all the same. Fair enough for freezing my post! Should have checked before I posted!
Think another reason it has gone cold is becuase of the Monumental xxxx up Amazon made in the last 2 weeks. They were selling Furbys for £18 but some people got a stupid game instead. After much pressure Amazon caved in and offered alternatives at the same price. Most people seem to have opted for the Boom version ( patterned ones out out this year). Implayed safe and just chose a different colour,
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