Furby Boom Waves £29.60 Sold by Appods and Fulfilled by Amazon

Furby Boom Waves £29.60 Sold by Appods and Fulfilled by Amazon

Found 28th Jun 2014
For those that missed out on it a few weeks back, Furby Boom Waves has dipped below the £30 mark again at £29.79 from Amazon.
I have just ordered this in the last few minutes and whilst posting the deal the price briefly went down a further 19p, to £29.60. When I refreshed the page it went back to £29.79 - cheeky Amazon!
If you are in no hurry it may be worth holding off to see if the price drops any more, but if like me, you need it sooner rather than later, then order now - the prices could easily creep back up again just as quick!
Hope this helps someone :-)
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Sorry I forgot to mention the free delivery too!
It's a good deal but my sons drives me mad aaarrrggghhhhhh voted hot anyway
Are these US versions or UK/EU? Can they be "flashed" to UK firmware?
us ones work fine here.. my kids are us.
bought one few weeks ago at 24.99 ish....bargin....I wanted a little play b4 wrapping it up! I took it outside and it said "light bright too bright" haha voted hot!
Fantastic, ordered for my son, he wanted one at Christmas but wasn't sure it was worth the money this is more reasonable x
they are freaky when they change personality, my daughter's became sarcastic
Make sure you don't get one that "swears" metro.co.uk/201…41/

I can't hear it, but apparently the kid managed to, of course there's no way that she heard it from parents/ school so it MUST have been the Furby!!
My kids love this!
I'm sure these are cheaper at House of Fraser.
Furblings are cheaper but Furby Boom at House of Fraser online are £59.99 - unless I am missing something, I don't think they are cheaper? Are they reduced instore?
Just got one for £29.61 ... my son's been after one since last Christmas, but no way was I shelling out £60. Having it delivered to work, so tempted to fire it up and leave it in the office for 6 months
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