Furby Connect at Smyths Toys delivered £49.99

Furby Connect at Smyths Toys delivered £49.99

Found 7th Mar 2017
I know there has been much better deals on Furby as I have been tracking it for long time but the time has come I need one desperately for my son.
Please mark me if I'. wrong but it's the best deal apart from Ebay I can find (I would not recommend to purchase one without a warranty as the previous one we had stopped working after 5 days).

I hope someone will find it useful.
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Great deal. Only just got one for £80, so slightly gutted, but certainly HOT imho.

Beware though, they are battery hungry like you wouldn't believe, especially when paired with the app.
Great find, bought one for £80 the other week. Luckily it's still boxed, so returning it for this.
Fab - just got one for little ones birthday! Nearly got one for £80 last week so this is a bargain
Great deal Thanks, have been looking to get one for a while, great price
thanks for the tip with batteries.
Smyth's already sent a parcel so I shouldget my tomorrow.
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