FURBY IS BACK! (but he aint cheap!) prices from £54.01 depending on colour @ Amazon

FURBY IS BACK! (but he aint cheap!) prices from £54.01 depending on colour @ Amazon

Found 3rd Oct 2012
Thought I would post this (because It reminded me of the time when when I bought my not so young now daughter a furby) These could be the must have toy this christmas you never know, so get yours now!

New adorable Plush friend
Furby develops a distinct personality
Furby is a magical creature with a mind of its own
Furby has Expressive LED eyes
Furby recognises and communicates with fellow Furbies
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Like a cross between Angry birds & Gizmo
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Those eyes, they look..scary!

I remember the first gen furbies, my sister had one, but the light sensor started playing up and it slept every time it was woken up. It also chewed through batteries quicker than anyones business too.

Anyway, I can't remember how much they were back then, but that price looks a bit steep, and I don't think they'll quite be as popular with the iPad generation!
They were about £25 - £30 iirc.
Yeah I remember them around the £30 mark, probably works out a similar price compared to back then. Then again I remember when it used to be £60 for a n64 game.
$54.00 or £33.75 at Amazon.com

Ripped off again!
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$54.00 or £33.75 at Amazon.comRipped off again!

Go and live there then or stop bloody moaning! Although I'm sure your benefits will go up soon and you'll be able to afford one.
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think i will wait for the sales cant see this flying off the shelves its mega expensive
When I was a kid, these were popular because they were new and inventive. Now that technology is as advanced as it is, I can't see anyone who would actually want one of these??? Especially at this price!
Oh no, I've just watched the video from Chiptivo....It links with a Furby App.....Now every child wil want one! (Glad my daughter is only 2 1/2! lol)

Is that a boy or a girl??
I think these will be top seller at christmas big ad campain going on - my daughters both want one !! they were flying off the shelf when I was in Smyths when they had 20% off deal
If you think your kids will want one for xmas defo BUY one Now, I remember buying two of these at vastly inflated prices for mine for xmas years ago.....their hearts would have been broken if I hadn,t...........aint kidding
These are so popular already and some places have sold out!
There is a FREE giveaway here: FREE 2012 Furbys
£64.48 now on Amazon apart from the yellow one!
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