Furminator Large 77% OFF @ Amazon £9.45

Furminator Large 77% OFF @ Amazon £9.45

Found 14th Sep 2010
decent deal on Furminator Grooming Tool Dog Large


looks like a window cleaner tool...lol

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i havent a clue what it is,thought it was an ice scraper

Hot from me, a bargain.

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I think 77% has been over inflated just got one cheaper on fleabay!!


it looks evil

works a treat on my cat! (medium one that is!)

these are great especially if your cat or dog malts alot. i have a golden retriever / labrador cross, every time i comb him i remove about a pillowcase full of fur.
he gets combed 1 time per 2 weeks, i do it on the beach now so the fur blows away into the sea rather than me chasing it all around the garden.

i got mine last year from fleabay from a german seller i think? i paid £5.45 or something for mine including delivery. the amazon price is good if you compair it to pets at homes version which is £25 or so.

i would check fleabay out though first as it can be had in the different sizes and you shouldnt pay more than £7

Wow, great price... we got ours for about £15 and is smaller than this. Our lab loves this and when we get it out he comes over straight away to have his coat brushed
We usually brush him with this once a week, sometimes more in the spring/summer months as he malts much more then. Definitely recommend these over standard brushes as these get the job done much better.

on fleabay there is a seller selling it for £4.97 plus £1.99 p&p first class post.
more than 10 available for the large one.
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£6.65 now with free delivery
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