FurReal Smores Pony £199.95 delivered @ John Lewis

FurReal Smores Pony £199.95 delivered @ John Lewis

Found 25th Aug 2009
This lifesize plush miniature pony has moving eyes, ears, head and tail. Shell move her head towards you when you groom her soft coat, giving you a whinny or gentle snort. You can feed her with the pretend carrot if shes hungry, shell open her mouth, if not shell shake her head. Smores Pony doesn't mind if a small child climbs on her back.
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I'm not sure that my two-year old would want to sit on this!
all the cold voters obviously can get it cheaper elsewhere, can you please let me know where as I thought this is what this site is all about. Thanks maybe I should just stick to looking for biros for 6p or memory cards for under a £5 :whistling:
By god why would you buy something that gruesome for a child?
I like it and i know my 2 year old girl would like it to ... for about a week like all her toys x
Just because you can't get something cheaper elsewhere doesn't make is a deal, personally I think this is overpriced, it doesn't even walk.
You can get it for £150 at Wilkinsons
Was £299 but it has 50% off...

Discount shows at check out!

Here is the link...

Hot from me. I would love to get this for my girls if i could afford it
Will be gathering dust by Boxing Day
Ever touched one in the store? It's like strking a 20 year old cat. Ie: bony.

If your girls like horses, buy £200 of riding lessons.
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