----FurReal Squawkers McCaw Parrot £42.45 delivered at john lewis----

----FurReal Squawkers McCaw Parrot £42.45 delivered at john lewis----

Found 11th Dec 2007
john lewis have this on for a very good £52.45 to start with
now use this code


for an extra £10 off just open a new account and get £10 off your first online order

i ordered this on saturday with free delivery and it arrived monday afternoon.very good service for free delivery.

i havent found cheaper

FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot

Squawkers McCaw doesn't just look realistic...he IS realistic! This animatronic parrot is, as they say on the adverts, a 'talkin', squawkin' and totally unpredictable play pal'. He has more than 45 pre-programmed words, phrases and sound effects, including his signature 'Squawk, squawk, squawk' song. You can get him to dance to your tunes too and teach him additional words and phrases so he'll talk back to you. He's really eye-catching with bright blue wings, green feathers on his head and a yellow breast.
Just make sure you have his toy cracker on hand when he gets hungry...he'll squawk up a real fuss if he's not 'fed' straight away
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:santa: merry christmas
As featured on this week's Gadget Show - they said the best price was £85 so this is a real bargain, thanks! :-)
looks like hes got fur not feathers
Don't forget 6% Quidco (£3.15 off)

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

EDIT: Voted warm, decent price, but similar price elsewhere.
I played around with one of these in John Lewis the other day.

If you got one it could drive you MAD on Christmas day

they ship the thing in demo mode and if you make a movement next to it or slightly knock the box it starts yapping away.

i have had to hide it at the back of the spare room and hope it doesnt try to sing for freedom when the little ones upstairs:)
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