Further 20% off Sale Items Online including Converse for £12 delivered @ Office Shoes
Further 20% off Sale Items Online including Converse for £12 delivered @ Office Shoes

Further 20% off Sale Items Online including Converse for £12 delivered @ Office Shoes

Just received an email from Office Shoes informing me that they have added further reductions to their sale products. A further 20% discount has been added. Using the code ST11 also gets you free delivery which is always a great discount to have! Few items i spotted whilst having a quick browse are as follows:

New kid on the block black leather - Now £20 (Style number 10080000)
New kid on the block brown leather - Now £12 (Style number 10080060)
ConverseAll star ox low red/gry - Now £12 (Style number 24131162)
ConverseAll star ox low double tongue grey/red - Now £12 (Style number 25032105)
ConverseAll star hi double tongue gry/grn - Now £10 (Style number 25031015)

Don't forget 7% quidco
- LegendPixel


web site is crap but heat added

Ordered.. Thank You..


Some decent stuff, n1

nothing in stock!

Very hot!

Just ordered some gorgeous boots. Thankyou!!

thanks, ordered a pair of boots which i had been eyeing up for a good while at 40% the price i was going to spend

Got this email yesterday. Would have posted up but nothings in stock so didnt bother.

Nothing left in stock.... :-(

Really limited for size 11 trainers, not great for common sizes but heat for others I guess.

Bagged a pair. Thanks, OP

ha ha


i see nothing worth my money... or size 10

It's great if you're a Size 3!

I'm a 3, winner!

Ordered a few pairs of sandals.thanksl

I'm a 3 too!
Shame all the converse are out of stock

Look at the caterpillar boots, size 8-12 when I last looked this morning

bagged some toms for 16 quid heat added

out of mock!!

nice one!

anyone got free delivery code?

just ordered converse size 10 double tongue for £10. Thanks OP. They still had blue vans in boot and low variety too. Although I steered clear of the North Face yeti boots!

2 pairs of converse bought for the daughter. 7.07% TCB.


anyone got free delivery code?

it's at the top dude....

terrible site. lets you add to basket then goods dont go through to checkout!

Hot hot hot, picked up some all stars for under a tenner. Real bargains here but sizes are going fast.

Shipping to Europe is WAY too expensive!!

This free delivery code applies only to mainland UK (excludes Northern Ireland). Hate that and refuse to pay postage just cause i don't live in the 'mainland' it costs the same to post to the whole of the UK!!


Great find, thanks just ordered some Converse for eldest son as his bargain ones from last year's Next Boxing Day sale are getting a bit worn, £15 get in there

Have some heat!

i used the delivery code, and they still charged me delivery


It's great if you're a Size 3!

I am and I bought a few pairs of heels and sandals so thanks to the op!

You should know by now that Office cancel half of their orders and advertise non existent stock. Their stock system is a shambles and clearly consists of an apprentice with an abacus. Cold because most of the Office deals on here lead to complaints of cancellations.


Looks expensive compared to other shops!

Passed out, and when I'd came round I'd bought ANOTHER pair of converse.

Damn you OP!

Just received e mail to say order cancelled due to limited stock. Not happy as showing in stock when I ordered!!!

Yup, order 'deleted' totally gutted as will be my 5y/o with no Dr. Seuss Cons!

i musta bought all the shoes no one wanted ..

my orders been despatched....at last..
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