Fusion Freeview Set Top Box with 80GB HDD - £99.99 or less delivered

Fusion Freeview Set Top Box with 80GB HDD - £99.99 or less delivered

Found 13th Aug 2006
Fusion Freeview Set Top Box with 80GB HDD - £99.99 inc Free delivery from ebuyer.com

Cheap price for this Set Top Box and the cheapest price elsewhere is £150+.

The Digifusion FVRT200 is an enhanced Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Along with the extensive features of Digifusion's FVRT100, the upgraded version boasts an impressive 80Gb Hard Drive with the capacity to store, using Super Compression Technology (SCT), over 80 hours of programming. The unit will also provide a 14 day EPG, so you can plan your viewing and recording for the two weeks ahead. Recording has never been easier-scheduled recordings can be set up to a week in advance.

Twin Tuner - records 2 channels simultaneously whilst watching a previous recording. Pause and Rewind Live TV - automatically records last 30 minutes of what you are watching.

Please note this is a Grade A stock. Go through Quidco for 1.5% cashback.


If this is as good as the Thomson DHD4000 we featured recently then its another bargain with twice the capacity hard drive of the 4000, well found edi

Large picture (broadband size!) of the unit Here

Full spec in pdf file Here

There's a review on Amazon for it and 11 or so people agree with the excellent 5*****'s


Might be a daft question.....does grade A stock mean that this is a refurbished unit.:-)

Not a daft question, but ebuyer daftly don't have an on-site explanation for it either :roll:

I should think it's a brand new item that's maybe had the box opened? Grade 'A'... Hmm... The best?

Well if its a return there were an awful lot of them as they have 300+ in stock

Many other reviews available ]here


I think the reviews make it clear why they have 300+ machines in stock, most people are on their 2nd or 3rd Machine or have sent it back for a refund:(

It's luck of the draw with these cheap PVR's. I've got the FVRT100 and one of the tuners has broke. I'm holding out for one of the more expensive models on the market to come down a bit.

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Thanks everyone for the comments

If youre looking for a PVR do check out the HUMAX 9200T - ive got one and its more expensive but double the capacity 160Gb, and personally Id say the quality will be better - ]http//ww…asp - Best price I have found at £188 inc del.


Great find edi, thanks :thumbsup:

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Grade A stock doesnt mean its refurbished.

Manufacturer's site here: ]http//ww…om/
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