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HiMedia Q10 Pro Ultra-HD 4K60 HDR Android Media Box £159.99 @ Futeko
Found 22nd Nov 2016Found 22nd Nov 2016
For serious Kodi'ers, has cracking reviews. Quad-core 64bit Cortex A53 CPU, 16GB eMMC, 2GB DDR3 RAM, with a 3.5" bay for an additional hard drive (up to 8TB), Bluetooth 4.0 Inter… Read more
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Been this price since launch months ago as i was on the mailing list, if i remember right it was £149 at this price there's no competition it has to be the Shield and that's what i bought. I have the older version of this Himedia box and after only a few months it was abandoned and never got any updates or anything, to be fair i still have it and as a 1080p streamer it was/is fantastic it even plays Atmos sound which it shouldn't but it does it sends Atmos to my amp. I only retired it about 2 months ago and i had it side by side with my Shield for 6 months and continued to use the Himedia box over the Shield as it was so easy to use as it had 1 job and that was to stream media as it was dual boot with Android and i disabled Android and had a rock solid media player but at these prices its been surpassed by the cheaper and more capable Shield. The Shield runs Android 6 and gets updates all the time to enable different features, Its 4K HDR and Atmos ready its also had a update to plex that allows you to plug in a usb drive and use it as a Plex server and as far as im aware its the only device to be able to do this other than a PC. Its streams games from a Nvidia powered PC and if you have something like a 1080 you can stream 4K games to your 4K TV it plays Android games, basically its a jack of all trades and master of all.


Holy C. At this price you'd hope it gives you a HandJ whilst streaming porn in UHD


get your ears round that, wallop.


£159 for an android box! what next? donald trump for president?


Depends what you're after. I'm not a gamer, so this is much more my thing (Kodi & media), but games also run on it fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04Kxf4hdcrE Stick an SSD in it and you can run any media locally in addition to any streaming.

Mele PCG03 Intel mini-HTPC with pre-installed fully licenced Windows 8.1 £129.99 @ Futeko
Found 9th Mar 2015Found 9th Mar 2015
Intel mini-HTPC with pre-installed fully licenced Windows 8.1. Tiny, fanless and silent. 2GB RAM + 32GB eMMC SSD. 64bit Intel Bay Trail chipset with Intel Gen7 HD graphics. Dolby D… Read more

Just got mine this week, following the helpful comments above. It will replace my ageing Acer Revo R3600, with Windows Home. Smaller, quieter and faster. Only set up Kodi and Chrome on it so far, but that covers 98% of what I want to do with it, with so little hassle. Also considering using these at work for display boards, data access points in office and warehouse. For simple use, i.e. photos & video streaming, or web browsing and some MS Office applications these are ideal.


Also, to let you guys know if you email them your serial no they will provide a link and instructions for a reinstall of OS. If you are like me then you will tinker and make a mess and windows is a nightmare for that.


Futeko have confirmed receipt of my return and have sent my refund, which has arrived. They have also powered up the unit and confirmed that my specific unit is abnormally loud and that is not what the units are usually like. Looks like I just received a one off bad unit.


Futeko have so far been excellent - I couldn't have asked for any more from them in post sales support. They offered (and I accepted) to pay for postage back and to give me a full refund - refund not received yet, but I'm not anticipating any problems there and I only posted it yesterday, so will hopefully arrive with them today. With regards to the issue - I believe that the unit I had was faulty - but I'm not qualified to assert that for certain as the only issue was the noise which is a judgement call to an extent. From the comments on here though, it really does seem as if the units are usually very quiet. Everything else on the unit was working exactly as I would have expected.


Did futeko diagnose the problem? Sounds like a piece of the hardware must have come loose.

MyGica KR200 rechargeable Wireless REMOTE + AIRMOUSE + KEYBOARD £9.99 @ futeko.com
Found 28th Aug 2014Found 28th Aug 2014
Ive just bought one of these, it seems very cheap for a rechargable wireless keyboard let alone airmouse. It works with all android boxes and Windows PC's aswell as the Rasberry Pi… Read more



out of stock.


Arrrrgghhh! That's Fugly!


For my XMBC box I just use Yatse App on my mobile or tablet. If this helps anyone. http://yatse.leetzone.org/redmine/projects/androidwidget


Can't imagine a worse design

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FUTEKO Measy A2W MIRACAST/AIRPLAY/DLNA Dongle £15.99 Delivered @ Futeko
Found 27th May 2014Found 27th May 2014
The Measy A2W allows content from a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac to be displayed wirelessly on a TV. It is an easy and inexpensive way to add Miracast, Airplay, EZCast, and DLNA … Read more

Is this similar to chromecast but will cast everything (browser, apps, media) from compatible devices to TV?


Very poor reviews for this item

MINIX NEO X8-H-4K Media Hub for Android. Quad-core Amlogic S802-H,8-core Mali450 GPU, Android 4.4, DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Audio Decoding,XBMC + MiniX NEO M1 Airmouse 104.99 Delivered @ Futeko
Found 26th May 2014Found 26th May 2014
Quad-core Amlogic S802-H plus 8-core Mali450 GPU Android 4.4 KitKat box. Delivers more performance and compatibility than ever before. Pre-installed MiniX XBMC optimised specifical… Read more

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, I have bought one of these boxes and tried to install the xbmc fusion installer and config wizard and mashup using this guide http://www.tvaddons.ag/install-addons-kodi/. The icons are all there installed but when I click on say ice films then try to find a movie there is nothing there, when I go to sports devil it just comes up no streams available. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this so any help would be appreciated. Cheers Mark.




Because it works out of the box, and runs rings around the PiB. It's an appliance, not a school project.


Hi all - I've been looking at this, but someone at the Openelec forums suggested a NUC. I want something fanless, and the only Intel NUC that seems to be fanless is the DE3815TYKHE. This is: Intel® Atom™ processor E3815 (1.46 GHz single core, 512 KB cache, 5 W thermal design power (TDP)) Intel® HD Graphics (up to 400 MHz) How does that compare to this device? Thanks!


Will this play netfix in HD ?

Measy A2K  Miracast + DLNA dongle,FREE 1ST CLASS DELIVERY £17.99 @Futeko
Found 28th Mar 2014Found 28th Mar 2014
I got the other Measy dongle A2W and works quite well. This has a switch for always on dnla or miracast which i think is preferable IMO. Bought a few things from Futeko - good comp… Read more

Jeez, what a palaver to set up. Here's how I got mine working with my LG Gpad & Galaxy S4: 1. Plug dongle & USB lead into TV, once powered up put a paperclip in the hole in the side to switch from Miracast to DLNA mode 2. Your TV screen will display the SSID of the dongle, connect to that SSID with your mobile device & use the password 12345678 3. Use the browser on your mobile device to navigate to (or whatever it says on the TV screen) then access the wifi settings to connect the dongle to your router's SSID 3. Connect your mobile device to your router's SSID and you should be able to play media files via a DLNA app such as UPNP. Although mine kept buffering :-( 4. To use Miracast mode, put a paperclip in the hole in the side of the dongle once again and enable Miracast or Screen Mirroring in your mobile device's settings then connect to the dongle. This seems to be quite stable but video still buffers a bit. For some reason I could never switch to Miracast mode using the web interface.


Received mine. with loads of trial and error finally got it working on DLNA. cant get it to work with miracast for some reason. for the people who are struggling to set it up this is what I did Connect the dongle to TV with usb power /external supply whatever you have Now go to your mobile phone wifi settings and connect to the Measy Dongle SSID and not your home wifi.dongle SSID is visible on TV and it will also show you the IP address of the dongle On your mobile phone web browser /google search and type once you have connected to that IP address you will see few icons with different setting on the page. Select touch icon to make dongle connect to WiFi AP and click on SCAN. after a while you will see your home broadband SSID. click on that and it will ask you the password fr your wifi enter it and it is now part of your home network. Now goto play store and download PlayTo. I will suggest you to get PlayTo lite first to test out. Once installed, run it. On the right top you will see a ply symbol and if you click on it you will see your vcast dongle in it. select it and add it to your device Now you can start playing with the app to play the video on your tv using the PlayTo. Hope this helps


Unless I'm really dumb then this dongle is doing nothing for me at all. I've put it in DLNA and got me phone connected to wifi through the vcast dongle. Now how do I stream to the tv from my phone?


If you have got this version you don't use the EZcast app. You switch the mode with the physical switch on the dongle.


Will try again tonight but my gut instinct is that its not going to work. :(

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(Pre-Order) Measy A2W Miracast and Airplay Dongle £19.99 @ futeko
Found 30th Nov 2013Found 30th Nov 2013
Been looking for a Miracast dongle and stumbled upon this, currently for pre-order, so I have no idea how good it is, found video on Youtube of a guy using it with an iPhone 5s and… Read more
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Have to say had looked at this thread. Bought measy a2w dongle ll from futeko for £21.99..Have bought few things from futeko..always get great customer service. Dongle arrived today..well chuffed! can mirror content using miracast from my tablet..and watch large video files using ez cast in most formats. Lot more available than chromecast. .good quality for watching stuff.


I just use the Netgear PTV3000 and it works with screen mirroring on my laptop and my Samsung Tablet/phones. I use it to watch full HD movies on my 50 inch telly and it works flawlessly :)


Xbmc should with fine with most newer phones and tablets. Don't put to many skins and add ons or the size will be huge. Works fine with Miracast for hours of 1080p videos on my s4 to Netgear ptv3000 Miracast dongle. Or use a tablet with HDMI out like the cheap Tegra note 7 where HDMI out works great. Android mini PC should work fine to but some of them don't have enough grunt and might struggle with xbmc


if you wan't xbmc on your tv have a look into raspberry Pi if you have some of the parts already you can get it for around £30, you can control it with a smart phone or tablet using the xmbc app, out of the box it supports h.264 , MPEG-4 ASP , and some DivX variants are supported, you can also buy VC-1 , MPEG2 , codecs for a couple of quid


Ordered this before I read this thread, Doh! I was hoping it would enable me to put xbmc on my TV, but it really is too laggy & jerky to be watchable. However for the price I'll keep it just to stream photos etc. Also in Futeko's defence, I ordered yesterday afternoon & it arrived this morning!

Ampe A85 Quad-core 8" Tablet - £83.99 delivered from Futeko
Found 7th Jun 2013Found 7th Jun 2013
I've just noticed that Futeko.com (a UK supplier) have the Ampe A85, a quad-core 8" Android tablet, on sale from June 12th for the very competitive price of £83.99 (delivered and i… Read more
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I bought this tablet a couple of weeks ago and I have just returned it for a refund...I sent an email because the wifi reception kept dropping out...the router was downstairs and I was upstairs directly above and it kept dropping or going really slow. I emailed them and I got the following quick response from Futeko "How far are you from the router? The A85 doesn't have the strongest wifi signal reception but it's usually OK. My suggestion would be to disable security settings on your router as a test. If this improved the connection then re-enable the security settings one by one until you figure out what is causing the poor connection." Their customer service is brilliant and the item is not bad at all but it was getting really frustating when the tablet kept losing signal I have returned it based on that if you are reasonably near the router or you can live with it it a good tablet well built etc..btw I am comparing it with a samsung galaxy which was ok in the same location. Before n e 1 says n e thing I know you get what you pay for but in the tablet is ok if you dont want to spend too much.


Thanks for letting me know. I'm still considering it...


I've boght the Acer Iconia mentioned above to replace the AMPE and it's excellent value. No issues at all, not even the freezing reported by some reviewers on Tesco website. Battery life is also superior.


I've boght the Acer Iconia mentioned above to replace the AMPE and it's excellent value. No issues at all, not even the freezing reported by some reviewers on Tesco website. Battery life is also superior.


Well guys, I decided against it and was looking around. I was tempted by the 7dayshop deal for the 8" but went for this one: Joytab 9.7 from Misco clearance. From looking around, and the reviews, it appears to be a bit of a bargain at £99 (£107 delivered). Seems to have everything I need\want plus bluetooth, a keyboard and a 9.7" screen. Can't be bad! Dave

[Pre-order] Eken GT70X HD Tablet (Dual Core 1.5GHz/Jelly Bean 4.2/1GB RAM/MiniHDMI) [£66.99 DELIVERED 1st class] @ Futeko
Found 1st Jun 2013Found 1st Jun 2013
Eken GT70X HD [ULTRA-THIN DUAL-CORE HD] I understand a lot of you out there are waiting on the Nexus 7 update, but for this price, I think it fills the gap nicely. Running Jelly Be… Read more
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The manufacturer actually quotes 4 hours. Ours is a conservative estimate. Battery life varies massively between different chipsets and screen technologies. In the case of the GT70X, the chipset is a Cortex A7 (low power version of the A9) and the screen is standard TFT and not IPS. Both of these reduce power drain. It's naive to look at mAh numbers and use them for a straight comparison between different technologies.


I would doubt, "Approx 3 Hours Battery Life The 2500mAh battery offers approximately 3 hours of battery life whilst browsing the web" is entirely accurate? Not an accusation of lying as you are probably quoting from manufacturer however perhaps worth verifying


Please clarify this point. We try and be extremely honest.


Almost a worthwhile purchase but that battery really would be a killer for me and I would hope to expect a little better than 1024x600 for a new product. Perhaps the reason why it is so slim is because of the compromise made with the battery. Whilst I would always buy from a UK seller and it's good that there are a few around, I do find that Futeko are not always very honest with regards to product FAQ's.


2 hours use is a pessimistic estimate. The glass isn't even half empty to you guys! I re-iterate, I would have also preferred a larger battery, but it's certainly passable. As for your no-name 3rd party re-sellers on Amazon, I'd stick to the reputable UK based Futeko who offer 12 month warranty to base. Just my 2 cents. :3

Eken Smart TV Dongle - £19.99 delivered from Futeko.com
Found 11th Apr 2013Found 11th Apr 2013
Stumbled upon this and thought it was a pretty good deal. You get an Android 4.1, 4GB stick which you pop into a spare HDMI port on your digital tele. There's no USB power supply a… Read more

bought one, but cant use iplayer or 4OD even using app store progs, flash is pre-installed, anyone got theirs working ?


Up to £23.99 now so I'm expiring it.


http://www.futeko.com/products/AC037.php available bundled with wireless keyboard/trackpad for £37.99


Of course it'll work!... otherwise you send it back for a replacement, however you don't sent stuff back because it doesn't turn your asda lcd tv in a sony bravia..... 'it's 20 quid'


Yoda speaks!

Eken W70 @ Futeko - £62.99
Found 20th Dec 2012Found 20th Dec 2012
Futeko state: Cortex A9 1.5Ghz Android 4 ICS tablet. Great value tablet with the power to do everything. Slim and robust casing. 7" capacitive display, full sized USB port, mini-… Read more
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Hi there, Any one having wifi disconnection issues with this device? Thanks.


AVOID THIS COMPANY. I returned my item for a refund, only to find that two weeks later they posted a replacement. I then reviewed the poor service on Trustpilot and Futeko flagged my honest feedback it as fraudulant. Cheap products = CHEAP products, the after-sales customer service is appalling and their practice is underhand.


A relative has one of these and says youtube is a pain on it. Also said that recently his screen changed to all Windows 8 style Tiles instead of the icons he had before. He has no play store on it either. Edit: Have had a gooogle for him and told him how to uninstall the Metro (Windows 8 Style) installer so that will solve that problem. Not sure why no Play store tho cos it says on Futeko site it was pre-installed. He already has version 1.2.0 which looks to be the latest firmware. Edit2: Got it off him and did a firmware upgrade and all appears to be well now :)


Screen is smaller than the vega so doesn't suffer nearly as bad for the viewing angles. It is brighter than the vega so overall a better experience than the vega. Text on internet pages is probably sharper on the vega without zooming. But I find it perfecly ok. Tbh, we have nexus 7 as well, and I don't find it anymore unpleasant to use day to day than that. I think screen resolution matters a little less on the 7inchers than on phone screens. I find the screen on the playbook better than the nexus 7 merely because it's brighter.


Whats the screen like compared to the vega? Looking to replace our vega soon, could get 2 of these for the price of the ones we've been looking at!

MyGica EnjoyTV 510B Android Smart Tv (Install XBMC) £59.99 @ futeko
Found 4th Dec 2012Found 4th Dec 2012
I was looking for an android smart TV now that XBMC Frodo Beta 2 is officially supported for android. The main reason the Apple TV 2 is so expensive, is because you can install XB… Read more
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£64.99 now.


AVOID THIS COMPANY. I returned my item for a refund, only to find that two weeks later they posted a replacement. I then reviewed the poor service on Trustpilot and Futeko flagged my honest feedback it as fraudulant. Cheap products = CHEAP products, the after-sales customer service is appalling and their practice is underhand.


Now £64.99


Good luck trying to play any high definition films with that. This is the whole point of the MyGica model - its one of the few devices with hardware video decoding in XBMC . Without it you can forget high def as even quad core processors ( such as in the nexus 7) won't play it without stuttering.


[url=http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190772393938?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649] Just bought another Android 4.0 tv box from Ebay for £26 (see link) and installed XBMC which i can control with my-or any USB games controller / mouse/keyboard..even for a Noob like myself :p go to this link for all the info on how to do it.....[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bgXAh4d4pRI]

Ainol Novo 7 Mars tablet £68.99 @ futeko
Found 17th Nov 2012Found 17th Nov 2012
I thought that this looked quite good spec for the money although I don't know what the reviews are like or if there are any custom roms. Might be a good one for the kids. It appea… Read more

just brought one of these took literally 18 hours to get here very fast delivery , and is a great little tablet all works perfect i paid £72.99 with usb charger , and for this price is excellent , flash works perfect smooth video playback picked up wifi signals even my pc couldn't , only had it a few hours but so far is very good


On reflection I've decided to spend a little more & get the kids a Galaxy Tab2 - it has much better community support & seems a good bit more reliable.


The Novo 8 Dream looks promising..was close to getting a Momo8 IPS but the wifi issues put me off. An 8" screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio gives almost 50% more viewable scrren that a 7 incher-but is still more portable than a 10 incher.


http://bbs.ainol.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=73 I have been following those Chinese forum and there are tons of Mars and Tornado users suffering from buggy touchscreen, SD files missing and greenish camera color problem. However, there are no official responses or ROM update regarding to those issues so far. Ainol might be concentrating on its high end products while leaving those single core tablets behind.


Tempting and at half the price of the Galaxy Tab it could be a decent stocking filler. The Novo Venus looks some spec if it comes out at a decent price and with no major problems (unlike the Novo Fire/ Flame) Edit, it comes out early in December hopefully in time for XMas.

HiMedia 900B 3D BD-ISO, 7.1 AUDIO, HDD, GIGABIT £139.99 delivered @ Futeko
Found 9th Nov 2012Found 9th Nov 2012
Looks an interesting player,, is being supported with new firmware releases Realtek 1186 based with internal 3.5" hatch-access hard drive bay, 3D including 3D Blu-Ray ISO, HDMI 1.… Read more

AVOID THIS COMPANY. I returned my item for a refund, only to find that two weeks later they posted a replacement. I then reviewed the poor service on Trustpilot and Futeko flagged my honest feedback it as fraudulant. Cheap products = CHEAP products, the after-sales customer service is appalling and their practice is underhand.


I have older version 600b perfect, playing everything love hdd and torrent client, I don't know about 900 but 600 is superb for me and quality build is excellent


I had 2 of these. Sent them back waiting for sigma bases chip instead. Too many problems on the 900b seems it struggled with basic playback let alone 3d isos. May have better fw now but when I had one it was pretty bad but that was about 7 months ago.


What's the UI like?


I think it may be helpful to research the 1186 chipset and look at a Sigma based device instead; certainly at the quoted price.

Bluetimes M1 Andriod Smart TV - £52.99 @ Futeko
Found 1st Nov 2012Found 1st Nov 2012
This got quite hot last time, it's back in stock and £4 cheaper! Fully featured network Media Player combined with Android 4 ICS. ARM Cortex A9 CPU with Mali400 GPU for great vide… Read more

How many others got their order cancelled?


Good luck on that! It doesn't look like there is much going on in that direction.


Sold out?


Does anybody know if it is possible to run Plex on this


I have the opposite experiences to Jasper18. This is a good piece of kit and with all the Android Apps gives a great experience. I use it alongside my bedroom TV. It makes it easier to use if you have at least a mouse which you then use for the on-screen keyboard. Youtube, iPlayer work very smoothly if you have a good wireless connection. I'm just waiting for some USB Webcam drivers to be released for Android Tablets so I can use Skype. The latest firmware says extra support for cameras which I haven't tried yet. Definitely recommend by me. BillyBits

powerful android smart tv £67.99 inc. delivery and free 8gb micro-sd from futeko
Found 31st Oct 2012Found 31st Oct 2012
saw this while browsing for a tablet and sounds pretty good! The MyGica 510B M3 is an Amlogic M3 based Smart TV box with 1GB RAM and support for XBMC Amlogic hardware video decodi… Read more
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ah so that's what you get for £20 more, nice one, was wondering that. missed the photo of back panel! http://www.futeko.com/productimages/MP00043-3.jpg might be my next box, just a teeny bit expensive imho.. but not unreasonable at all. if it gets good XBMC support for the future, which should be fine as you say.


Cool, i'll probably buy one too. wish they had optical/coax digital audio out as i can't seem to get 5.1 AC3/DTS to work over HDMI, might just be me. i know the Slav has that, not sure what else? Do you know how much dual core helps with menu navigation in xbmc? slightly laggy in complex addons like TVCatchup v2


ah typical (right after i buy the single core!), i wonder if this will be as well supported as the M3 boxes though (M3 is target for XBMC Android).. will XBMC Android or linux builds compiled for M3 work on the M6, or does it need its own build, and if so, wonder who will be doing them. currently, Pivos android builds work on all boxes (not the linux builds though). for anyone wondering: M1: 1st gen AmLogic, 800mhz single core, 512mb ram, best supported for xbmc? supports Pivos linux builds M3: 2nd gen, 1000mhz single core, 1gb ram M6: 3rd gen, 1.5ghz dual core, 1gb ram. All support hardware decoding of h264 in xbmc android and linux.


don't buy this.. the Sumvision from ebuyer is the same with a remote control (airmouse) for £2 more, which futeko make you buy separately i think. Or buy the Pivos and support XBMC. can't see any reason to buy this particular box. anyway they're all much the same inside! really impressed how well they run XBMC Android already, quicker loading and more stable than Xbox1 already i think.



Ainol Novo 7 Crystal Android 4.1 JB, Dual Core, 1024*600 IPS Screen, 1GB RAM, MicroSD, MiniHDMI £98.99 @ futeko
Found 15th Oct 2012Found 15th Oct 2012
Unlike Nexus 7 hdmi and microsdhc. Ok slightly lower screen res but still fine, and dual core processor, IPS screen and Jelly Bean preloaded make this, imho, a seriously good deal … Read more
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Ainol Novo 7 Crystal II on Ainolstore is $89.99


will this last with heavy use and are futek reliable?


Do you have a link to the Aurora 2 on Amazon for £94.95? The cheapest I can find it on Amazon for is £119.99.


Thats delivered from China ( so you could be unlucky and get hit by customs charges) If you want to take the risk buying from China then its cheaper at dealsprime or pandawill ( and both accept paypal )


ainolstore sells the same model at £80.

Ainol Novo Elf II "Reconditioned". Available in White or Black  £74.99 @ Futeko
Found 26th Sep 2012Found 26th Sep 2012
blurb "Reconditioned Ainol Novo Elf 2 Black. Dual core 1024x600 7" tablet. Factory refurb with tablet in perfect condition. Packaging in very good condition. Flashed with the 17-JU… Read more
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I got one of these a couple of months ago and I have to say it's brilliant, for browsing web pages, you tube, face book, games etc you don't need to pay more. Getting another one for my son for Christmas so keeping my eyes peeled for a bargain!


Expired. All sold :)


pretty much, yeah


So you're desperate for Anol?


the next UK seller to stock these is getting my cash

Ainol Novo 7 Fire - £119.99 @ Futeko
Found 11th Sep 2012Found 11th Sep 2012
Ultra-sharp 7" 1280x800 resolution IPS display and powerful dual-core Cortex A9 CPU + dual-core GPU. Micro-SD card for easy storage expansion up to 32GB and an HDMI-out port for bi… Read more

Playbook is indisputably a higher quality and better built device, but it's not an Android tablet.


What's better ...... this or the BB playbook with 32 GB ? Both same price and same screen size but more memory in the BB. Why should I buy this for my grand daughters over the playbook ? Or should I get her the playbook?


Many sellers outside of the EU, especially China and Hong Kong, now collects VAT for UK Inland Reveue at point of sale, if you read the details of HDDesign this is what is stated: "HD Design Tax Information Prices are displayed inclusive of any applicable VAT. " This below is cut and pasted from the Inland Revenue web site:- retailer that all these requirements have been met. Goods ordered online from outside the EU If you buy goods online from outside the EU for delivery to the UK, you'll have to pay Customs Duty and Import VAT on top of the purchase price if the goods are above a certain value - though Customs Duty is waived if the amount of duty payable is £9 or less. Some Internet sellers outside the EU have arrangements with the UK whereby you pay them the VAT that's due on the goods you're ordering. They then pay the VAT to their postal authority - which in turn pays it to HM Revenue & Customs. Note that these sellers must be authorised to do this. They'll have a special number that will be on the Customs Declaration. The declaration should also carry a message saying 'Import VAT pre-paid'. When this arrangement is used you won't be charged any import VAT or a Royal Mail handling fee when you get your parcel. Note that if the above procedures aren't followed properly you could end up losing the goods.


dispatched from hong kong. good luck with that, slow boat + import tax + no warranty = fail


The Fire still sways me over the Crystal. Higher screen resolution, 5MP Camera at back (dual camera's unlike Crystal) Bigger battery Bluetooth (not an issue for me) There's only £20 of a difference at the minute between the 2 devices which makes the Fire better value for me. I'd still like to hear more about the overheating and popping as this thread is the first I've heard of them. I've had my eye on the Fire for 2 weeks and feel it's a viable alternative to the Nexus 7 which is £40 more but with no HDMI and extra storage (an issue for me)

Eken W70 7'' Android ICS Tablet - £58.99 @ Futeko.com
Found 10th Sep 2012Found 10th Sep 2012
Been waiting for this to be available. This is a pre-order. Stock will be ready for dispatch in 7 days. Shipped from UK so no customs. And just to get it out of the way, I will c… Read more
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My sons had a similar issue. Normally just a reboot does the trick. Also did yours cone with the fake windows 8 option?


Hi there, Anyone else having wifi disconnection problem with this tablet. Mine seems to disconnect every so often and more often than not it won't reconnect. Thanks. Regards


Hey! I ordered a tablet Eken w70 via internet. But I have 2 huge problems: first: the battery won´t charge! I am only able to use the tablet while connected to electricity because when I unplug it , it automaticly says "discharging " and "no battery, power off" and then it switches off in 2 seconds. What is the issue? can you please help me? And the second problem is that the sound and the micro don´t work either.. =S Thanks


Thanks, got him one of these and he is getting the hang of it :)


Its the usual wifi issues I always seem to get with android stuff, and I use one of the fixer apps on the play store. In reply to "Thinking of getting one of these for an older relative purely for web surfing." They are doing an Eken w80 with an 8inch screen on the same website (or coming soon)