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Fuzzy Felt Sets - £1.99 @ Home Bargains (RRP £4.50)
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Fuzzy Felt Sets - £1.99 @ Home Bargains (RRP £4.50)

Posted 21st Apr 2009

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

OK, so not deal of the century - but these are a great price and loved by all young kids!

Age 3-6, Creative picture making with brightly coloured Fuzzy-Felt shapes. Fuzzy Felt has been delighting children of all ages since 1950.

In the Grantham store they had loads to choose from - off the top of my head Pets, Princesses, Farm, Friends, Pictures (basic shapes), Horses, Jungle, Ballet, Hospital, Sealife, etc.

At this price they're great to pick up for birthday pressies
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I'LL GIVE YA SOME HEAT-loved these as a little one-they remind me of my nan ! No Home Bargains near me-but a good deal none the less !
I loved them as a kid too :-D
Heat added - used to enjoy fuzzy felt when I was a nipper
oh my good gravy - i must get some of these! They're ace! Except when you try to PVA glue them to stuff - then they're not so ace. lol.
As somebody with 2 toddler girls who spends hours picking up bits of fuzzy felt each day I would gladly shoot the person responsible for brining these into being, however the girls love them. Good deal.
oh i wish i had home bargains in my area, im desperate to purchase cheap activity felt sets for my daughter, i have just started intruducing felting in our arts and crafts schedual with my daughter, but everything is very expensive. heat added cos its a very good deal.
Just had to post to say the same as most of the other posters - I used to love these as a kid!
this showed as £2.99 on the shelf, but scanned as £1.99.
As a brand new uncle i may stock up on these for baby sitting in a few years
I loved these as a child as ~ in fact I loved them so much I pushed one into my nostril..... I ended up at hospital with a doctor and a pair of very small tweezers to get it out!!!!

I wont bother telling you about the rosary bead I stuck in my ear...... you can guess the rest
Great find! Heat added :thumbsup:
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