FX: The Series - Season 1 - £13.99 @ CD Wow

FX: The Series - Season 1 - £13.99 @ CD Wow

Found 29th May 2008
Next cheapest seems to be £31.75 @ Tax Free. Also 4% cashback through Quidco. Go through link for this price.


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Cold on a saving of £18?

I ordered this aaages ago from sendit and it has been continually out of stock at £15.89. If I could add heat to this one multiple times I would, it is a fantastic price. Why do folk continually rate on their views of a product as opposed to the value of the item itself????

C'mon folks, add heat to this one as it is a fantastic saving.

In the space of time it took me to post this it went from -4 to -12??????? You guys that voted it cold are a bunch of jerks.

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cheers for the rep, as you say, funny old voting here...

Oh my god, I didnt even know this existed!!! have heat, rep, and gratitude pal!!! loved the films so much, hope this is a great series but either way its a great price.
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